2015: The year I lift the sh*t out of everything!

the beginningWell it’s a New Year.  I think for the past 20 years of my life, this day has always consisted of a resolution that this year I will go on a diet and lose some weight. Inevitably that fails and it begins a cycle of dieting, breaking diet, beating myself up over not sticking to said diet, promising to do better, dieting again, breaking diet, feeling bad…. wash, rinse, repeat.

stress of resolution

Well this year…


That’s right. This year, my resolution isn’t to lose weight. In fact I am going to GAIN 15 KILOGRAMS.

That’s right…15 Kgs…. not on my body, but on all my lifts. Across the board.

This year I am going to:

lift all the things
My goal for 2015 is to play to my strengths at Crossfit..which means play to my strength..(get it? see what I did there?). I may not be able to do a pull-up (yet) or be any good at burpees (ever), but I can really lift stuff. Like really heavy stuff.

So this year, I’m going to do more of that. My goal is to see a 15kg increase on all the major lifts by the end of the year.

How am I going to do that. Well first off, I’m going to start jogging.

no i'm not jogging
Just kidding. No jogging. My plan is actually very simple:

lift heavy things up


So that bring us to where I’m at right now.

If I start with the last recorded 1 Rep-Max for each of the lifts I plan on monitoring, here are my current weights and goal weights for end of 2015.

Weight table

This does seem like a lot in just 365 days but it also seems like an epically bad*ss goal to have. And after my sort-of non-year with my less-than-enthusiastic attitude towards Crossfit in 2014, I’m really excited to have a goal to look forward to.

Yes, this does mean that my quest for the pull-up will be getting a bit of a back seat this year, but I just feel like this goal is a bit more attainable (yes a 150kg deadlift does seem more achievable for me than the elusive pull-up!). But don’t worry, I will keep working on the pull-up and also on stringing more kipping pull-ups together, but primarily, my plan is to lift things up and put them down again this year. A lot.

I also hope to be a bit more of a consistent blogger, but hey, one goal per post. We’ll leave that for another day, but I do hope to update monthly on my progress towards the GREAT GAIN OF 2015 (hmmm…I may need a better name for this quest…..ideas anyone?).

Now that I have sprung this epic bad*ssery on you, I leave you with the only resolution that really matters.

be more awesome

Oh, and this – just because it’s funny.

you mean ability to flex
Happy New Year!



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  2. […] And today…one year almost to the day after the last time I PR’ed my Snatch..I finally, finally broke the dry spell and PR’ed by 1kg (going from 38kg to 39kg). Perhaps that doesn’t sound that impressive, especially after a year…but what it is a sign..a sign that my visit to Limboland may be ending and I once again will triumphantly be able to log my numbers into my phone app and maybe, just maybe, start working my way closer to my New Year’s 15kg weight gain goal. […]

  3. Chris says:

    yes, thanks for using pounds too! You can get those lifts, all the lifts!

    • Rae says:

      Thanks Chris, I hope so! I was just in the States and trying to convert from pounds to kg was killing me. I’m already terrible at “Crossfit math” so this was an additional challenge. To be fair it was kind of exciting not really having any idea what amounts I was lifting.

  4. jennifer says:

    Love it, Rae!!

    Totally attainable!! And thank you for putting them in pounds, too.. 😉

    • Rae says:

      Thanks, Jennifer. I hope so. It will be lots of work but I’m excited about it. Am also experimenting with how nutrition can improve performance – so thanks so much for your posts on the Eat to Perform program.

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