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Crossfit newbie For those of you who are new to Crossfit, there are a lot (A LOT!!!!!) of acronyms that we use. AMRAP, EMOM, WOD, METCON etc… and the list goes on.  But the worst one by far – the one we most try to avoid – is the DNF. DNF stands for Did Not Finish!  Which essentially the equivalent of showing up at the gym without any pants on.  What I mean is, you generally don’t want to get a DNF.

Most of the time.  Some might argue that you should never DNF, but I disagree.

Why? Well let me take you back a bit before I explain my triumphant DNF.

The other day while getting my nails done – (yup, this happens – they are now essentially armour plating them to try to prevent crossfit damage. It’s working too. If you want to know the secret to not breaking the ever-loving sh*t out of your nails, message me..but I digress). Anyway, while this was happening, I started rereading my blog just to kind of revisit what’s been going on recently.  And what I noticed was that this entire year almost has been posts about me trying to stay motivated, or find my motivation to keep doing Crossfit, to keep trying to improve, to keep making space for it in my life.  2013 was a lovefest. 2014 was more about trying to keep the love alive.

It’s been a tough one. And it’s still tough. As I said before, it’s hard for me right now to focus on Crossfit and to stay connected.  So one of the things that I decided to do what cut back on the intensity and weight in metcons so that I would 1) Dread them less and 2) feel more successful. It’s important to feel successful sometimes.  It’s been helping. Sure, I have to battle with my ego when I’m using the same weights as people who haven’t been Crossfitting for as long as I have (wee little baby crossfitters…I love them…they’re so fresh and new….hmmm, I think that might have sounded a bit creepy…I love them in a totally non-creepy way, I promise).  But ego aside, it has made it so I don’t 100% dread the metcons and have been able to finish them in a reasonable time.  Which brings us to Thursday’s metcon:

goblet squat and burpees

Perhaps you are thinking, well that doesn’t look so bad.  And perhaps it wouldn’t. If it didn’t have motherfr*cking burpees in it!!!! It’s confession time people. I haven’t done an honest and true burpee in a metcon since the Crossfit Open.  As soon as I discovered the “Step Up, Step Down Burpee” during 14.5 (it was a Crossfit Open workout..look it up at your own risk. It was an epic suck fest..but it made a man/woman of us all!). I figure if the step up, step down burpee was good enough for Jason Khalipa (love him!) then it was good enough for me. And I haven’t done a real burpee since.

So I made a decision. I made a conscious decision that meant I would not finish the metcon before the 15 minute time cap.  I decided that every burpee I did in this metcon would be a real, honest and true burpee – complete with hipsnap and a jump at the end. I would neither step up nor step down.  Now I can do about 10 burpees a minute – maybe – like that.  And it costs me.  I usually start wheezing after the first 20 like someone popped a hole in my lung.  I knew this decision meant that I wouldn’t finish the metcon. I also knew it meant that I would have to do a really low weight (8kg) on the squats in order to trick my mind into thinking there was a rest or break during the metcon.

So this is what I did. I remained stoic in the face of the disbelief of my coaches at the low weight for my squats. I did not succumb to my own internal pressure to do just one round as step up, step downs to make it suck less. Nope, I did one burpee after the other, with relatively good form.  I finished the workout with 78 burpees. Which probably doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is 78 more burpees than I have done in a metcon since March.

And at the end, I did not finish. DNF. But I still felt like I had succeeded.  I broke through my mental barrier about burpees.  I took a step back towards embracing the suck and just getting on with it.

I’m not fully back yet, I haven’t refound the joy and wonder, but this was a step, or rather a burpee in the right direction.

just go crossfit

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  1. jennifer says:

    So great to put it into a different perspective. Once in awhile I’ll think the same in a WOD, like sure, these people are doing a million more rounds of Cindy than me, but I know that all my push-ups are REAL reps, not some bro-reps. Even though the scores may be lower, you know you earned every rep.

    Keep up the good work, girl!

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