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I just got married, I just a new, higher level job, I’ve passed my Level 1 certification…I should be bouncing off the walls.

I’m not. I’m freaking exhausted.  Honestly, all I can think about is how great it would be to just be able to lie on my couch for a few hours and do nothing. Except that when I get the chance to do this, and I do, I still feel exhausted.

tired just tired



I’m reading a book right now about how to maintain a high sustainable performance at work. (don’t judge, everyone has to have a hobby – I also read trashy romance novels). In this book, it says that sustainable high performance is “a condition that yields high motivation, strong self-esteem, excitement to handle challenges, and abundant physical energy.” (Sink, Float or Swim by Scott Peltin and Jogi Rippel)

I’m going to be perfectly honest here. I can not remember the last time that I had “abundant physical energy”. Can you?

Seriously, are there people out there who bounce out of bed to greet the day?

I’m in this super exciting new phase of my life, and most of the time I just want to lie down.

There are all kinds of theories about what is contributing to people’s lack of energy these days – increased intake of processed foods and poor nutrition, increased pressure in the workplace, the change in the way we use technology etc…..

I think it’s probably a combination of things for many people.  I know right now my nutrition, exercise and sleep could use a bit of a pick me up. The challenge being, I don’t have the energy to do it.

In fact, the other day I said to my husband (that’s right, G has now got hubby status, how weird is that? It’s probably not that weird, lots of people still get married…we’ve been together forever…it’s actually probably the least weird thing about this blog post…but I digress. But really, get married, it’s great!).  Like I was saying, I said to G, that at the moment, I felt like I would be okay if I just walked away from Crossfit right now and didn’t go back. WTF? I love Crossfit. This blog has been a 500 day love letter to Crossfit.  How did I get to a place where I felt like I could walk away from something that I love?

That’s just the thing. In the book, they also talk about how we don’t just all of a sudden feel like this. It takes time and it’s the combination of many things.

In my case, it’s been go, go, go for a while (wedding planning – while awesome – is a lot of work, hosting friends and family, also awesome, also can be a bit of work, leaving one job  – sad and starting another one -very interesting but still alot of work. )And during that time, I didn’t pay attention to how I was eating, sleeping or exercising…or rather not exercising. I essentially stopped doing all the things that actually make the enjoyment of these things sustainable.

Coupled with this is my ongoing belief that my progress on Crossfit has slowed to a stop.  I’m just not making any headway towards becoming even a semi-decent Crossfitter. My internal dialogue recently has been all about the things I can’t do. (I have previously mentioned that the voice in my head is a mean-spirited b*tch, right?).  The 4 weeks before and after the wedding that I have not been at the gym regularly has also not helped. Also, I put coaching on hold to be able to focus on my new job, so I’ve also lost that opportunity to connect with the new people at the gym. Sometimes I feel like I’m walking into a room full of strangers. And instead of trying to meet new people, I’m hanging on to way things used to be when the gym was smaller, newer, etc…. This is my bad. I’m sure the new people are lovely.

So that all being said, where is this magical abundance of physical energy supposed to come from? Is there a pill I can take for that? Actually there probably is. I could probably buy it off the slightly shady looking character that hangs out in the park at the end of my street…. on the other hand, that’s probably not the smartest way to go about this…it’s just best to avoid making friends with the strange people in the park. Life rule. 

Anyone have any ideas?

I think, sadly, it’s one of those things that is just going to take time…and effort (sh*t.) Probably if I focus a bit more on eating, sleeping, exercising then the energy will creep back.  As for Crossfit, my plan is to ease back into it. Just attend the regular classes 3-4 times a week. No lofty goals, no extra training. Just taking some time to re-connect.

Let’s see if I can find the love again.



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