Actually, Crossfit CAN be douchey….sometimes.

doucheI have to admit, I’m usually surprised when someone tells me that Crossfit has a reputation for being a “douchey” sport, or rather a sport that attracts a lot of douchebags.(Definition of douchbag from Urban Dictionary: Someone who has surpassed the levels of jerk and asshole……it goes on but it gets vulgar so I’ll let you read for yourself).

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know how much I love my box and the people at my box.  I think almost each and every one of them is SUPER FAB!!! and definitely not a douche.  If there is even a hint of douchiness, we stamp down on that pretty quickly.    It’s just not a part of the sport that I love.  So it is always a shock to me when someone essentially says “Crossfit? What a bunch of *ssholes!).  What?!?  We’re lovely, I promise!!!

But then something happens and it forces me to see what people are talking about. Something that allows me to admit that, yes, there is a element of Crossfit that could be interpreted as somewhat douchy.

This week a video circulated through my Facebook feed a couple of times that really made me wonder what the h*ll Crossfit HQ has been smoking recently.  It also made me wonder if my box is an anomaly and whether this video is what Crossfit is like for the rest of the world.

Before I go on, let me share the video with you so you can form your own opinion before I give you mine.

Wtf is this? One of the comments made on the facebook page describes it quite well “It looks like a rave was going on and some Crossfit broke out”.

It’s true.  This video gives the impression that Crossfit is just one bit party where a whole bunch of really fit people get drunk and look like *ssholes.

I mean, the shot of the guy eating the cereal straight from the box…by dumping it on his face? What on earth kind of message is Crossfit HQ trying to send with this? That we’re so caveman we don’t need bowls and spoons? Heck, most of the crossfitters I know don’t even eat cereal because it isn’t paleo.

And the dancing in the street? While that does look like a pretty good time, I went to Regionals (as a spectator!) and we didn’t dance. We mostly drank beet juice and watched some really talented athletes work their *sses off.

I won’t weigh in too much on the ongoing fixation with and objectification of women’s butts as this is pretty standard for a crossfit video, except to say that  these women work hard for every part of their body. If Crossfit HQ needs to objectify, then they should at least show the sum total of all of the woman’s hard work rather than just her butt.  Because, yes, Crossfit does give you an amazing butt – squatting 4 million times will do that, but it also gives you a defined back, bad*ss quads and the discipline to keep going back day after day, even though yesterday almost killed you.

I think if I had seen this video of Crossfit before having experienced being part of a Crossfit community for myself, I never would have joined.  And while this video may represent someone else’s Crossfit experience, it certainly doesn’t reflect mine.   So I went searching for another video that does capture Crossfit the way I experience it.

I’m happy to say that I found one, and oddly enough, I found it on the official Crossfit HQ YouTube channel.

This is much closer to the Crossfit that I have come to eat, sleep, breathe and love.

Video – Let me tell you about Crossfit –

Now I’m off to the box..on a Sunday.. to lift heavy things with people I love… because, to me, that’s Crossfit.

2 Responses to “ Actually, Crossfit CAN be douchey….sometimes. ”

  1. Kristin says:

    The video started off well, but then the pictures of the drinking and the cereal caveman were a bit of a turn off. The shots of the Crossfit booty sexualizes Crossfit more than it should. Thanks for sharing this video! I definitely prefer the “Let me tell you about Crossfit” video too.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I had not seen that video, but wtf.. lol. It seemed like it was going well, until yeah – looked like something out of a spring break party video. haha.

    What’s even worse is that it’s right from HQ!

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