Around the Crossfit Water Cooler

work hoursWell, submissions for 14.4 are closed. We’ve all done as well as we are going to do.  The pain of the 50 (!!!!) toes to bar is fading, wall balls are just a memory.  So now begins the next best thing to hearing a Crossfit Open WOD announced …(drum roll please)…speculating about what the next WOD is going to be!!

I bet you if you know a crossfitter (and let’s face it, you do if you are reading this blog), then they have a theory on what 14.5 will bring.

Will it be, as Van the Great calls it, Burpees Three ways – burpees, burpees over bar and burpee pull ups? Burpees, usually a Crossfit Open staple (and my personal nemesis) have not appeared in the Open yet.  Is Dave Castro just saving them for the end?  Or will he throw the Crossfit world a curve ball and make it a weight based WOD?  Where are the thrusters, Dave? There are always thrusters.

Oh the anticipation! The glorious thrill of wondering if your guess will be the right one or if one of your boxmates will have guessed more closely.


What is your guess for 14.5? Which way will Dave Castro take us this week?


3 Responses to “ Around the Crossfit Water Cooler ”

  1. Toes to bar are painful and the thought of doing 50 of them makes me want to cry. Go you!

  2. I have not been following the open WODs but yeah…sounds like Dave is saving something evil for the end. Good luck!

  3. Panos says:

    Well you’ve said it… We’ve seen neither thrusters nor burpees yet. So it has to be one of the two coming up.

    And so far we’ve had “light” WODs except for the deadlift one. So Castro could plan a “heavy” thruster (think 60kg for the men, 40 for the women) with burpee intervals and see who’s left standing after the dust settles…


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