Crossfit Open 14.2: Where dreams come true

I remember when I first started crossfit and the women around me started to get their first kipping pull-ups.  It felt like that was something that was never going to happen for me. It felt so far away, like it was on the other side of a crossfit line that I could not cross. And the legit crossfitters lived on the other side of that line.

Even with all the work I’ve been doing on pull-ups and getting stronger, that line has still felt so far away.  No matter how strong I have gotten, how many lifts I can now do without having to ask the coaches “What is a hang power thingamawhatever?” I still haven’t felt like a real crossfitter.  It’s been like, until I can do pull-ups without a band, everything else doesn’t count.  Stupid, I know, but that’s where my head has been at for 18 months.

As you know, because you read my blog religiously (of course), I still haven’t gotten a strict pull-up, but I did get a kipping pull-up completely by surprise the other day.  I’ve had a hard time repeating this miraculous feat and Coach Dan has no-repped quite a few of my efforts.  I just couldn’t seem to get my chin over the bar again – and certainly not on command.  But I kept working on it and was feeling like if pull-ups came up in the Open, I might be able to knock out 1 rep.

Then pull-ups did come up in the Open. 14.2.  Only they were chest-to-bar pull-ups.

Well sh*t.

Not cool Dave Castro, not cool.  I could maybe get one kipping pull-up if the stars aligned. I would need a trampoline to get a chest-to-bar.

Like half of the internet, I was a bit disappointed about the 14.2 announcement. Not because I don’t think they should program hard movements, I do think they should, but just because I knew they were a movement that I definitely couldn’t do.

But then, in line with this great post by Jennifer at Wine to Weightlifting ( I decided what I could do to make 14.2 a success for me.

I knew I could knock out 10 Overhead squats at 30kg no problem (please see all my previous comments above my epic bad*ssedness). Since I couldn’t do a CTB pull-up, I decided that success for me, would be do get one kipping pull-up that Coach Dan didn’t no-rep.  I knew my total posted score for the Open would be 10 OHS, but I would use the rest of the 3 mins to try and get 1 good kipping pull-up.

So when it came to my turn, I explained my approach to Coach Dan, who, as always, was super supportive and very patient as I explained my plan to him in extremely precise detail ( I do that, I like to think it’s charming).  Then it was 3, 2, 1 go..As suspected I knocked out the 10 OHS pretty quickly and easily then it was time for the pull-up bar.  I didn’t get one kipping pull-up…I GOT 4!!!! And had there been more time, I would have gotten more.

I can now officially say that, when asked, I can do a real kipping pull-up.  I have crossed over that imaginary line into the land where the legitimate crossfitters live (hello Talayna, hello Rich….).

Sure, now I need to learn to string them together and build up my endurance etc… but that no longer seems like the pipe dream of a beginning crossfitter. You see, because I can kip. I’m in the club.

hand tear March 9 2014Along with the kipping club, I joined another club today. The hand tears club. I didn’t notice it at all while I was kipping but boy did I notice it when I had to clean it. I’m not brave, there were tears in my eyes and a sailor’s vocabulary filled the house. That sh*t stings.  Of course, it is just one more think that makes me a bad*ss today.

What about you? How did you make 14.2 a success for you?


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