Even our motivating messages contradict themselves (Rant post!!!)

Cheesy or not, I love me some motivating fitspo messages.  I join FB groups and Twitter feeds because they provide me with some daily uplifting messages that can sometimes give me that extra push I need.  Then I saw this one today: stay motivated cleanAt first, I was all “WOO-HOO” because I am so struggling with motivation right now.  But then I started to read the text more closely…”Believe in yourself” – alright sounds good, “Recognize your progress“, uh-huh, definitely need to do that, “Visualize accomplishing your goals” – can anyone say pull-up?….

Stay motivatedBut then they lost me.

It started with “Celebrate every pound lost” – overall, I’m just not a fan of this one because I think it sends the message that women need to be smaller to be attractive, i.e. take up less space, but hey, sometimes there are health reasons and losing weight is a good thing. Personally I would celebrate every day that you felt better and every little thing you could do today that you couldn’t do yesterday but I digress…. If you look two lines below it then says “Focus on how you feel, not the scale“, seriously, WTF people? Two lines before you just told me to celebrate every pound lost and now you are saying throw out your scale.  How am I supposed to celebrate every pound lost if I don’t focus on the scale?

Messages to women are full of contradictions like these – almost from birth  we are taught (subliminally) that as women we need to be as successful or more than our male colleagues at work in order to honour our equal rights predecessors but at the same time we are taught that we need to be great mothers who are always available and focused 100% on the needs of their family and don’t even get me started about the messaging around how we need to be attractive but not so much so that people value us for our looks.

OKAY, I admit that this message isn’t telling me that I need to, by next week, become CEO, president of the PTA and a Victoria Secret model (do you think they get free swag? Because if so, I may have to step up my efforts in this area… but I digress). But nor is it sending a clear message on how to motivate myself..instead it is sneakily (and most likely, unintentionally) regurgitating the same tired message that women should be focused on losing weight.

Change the conversation, people, change the conversation….

Rant over.



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  1. jennifer says:

    Oh… SO TRUE.. I hate “fitspo”.. 🙂

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