Finding the Crossfit love again at Crossfit North Seattle

Usually I rely on my globetrotting gym-mates to provide me with their stories of visits to far off Crossfit boxes, but today it’s my turn. While visiting G’s family for Christmas in Seattle, USA  we dropped in (and dropped in, and dropped in again….) at Crossfit Seattle seattle

It was a somewhat cold and rainy day(which, let me tell you, really isn’t that unusual in Seattle..but hey, it isn’t snow right?  but I digress…) when G and I decided that there was only so many video games you could play (G) and vodka sodas you could drink (me!).  So we decided we’d go check out a local box.  We had visited one box a few years ago and enjoyed ourselves but decided to see if there were any others close by. THERE WERE 10 within a 10 minute drive. Are you kidding me? 10. Our box had been the only box in Geneva for years (now there are 2 that have opened and one opening this weekend – yay Crossfit globilization!). So essentially we picked one that was easy to get to and had posted its WOD. (As you know…well, you do if you happen to be the owner/coach of my gym and haven’t posted the day’s WOD – I hate when boxes don’t post their WODs. I need to mentally prepare myself for whatever bucket of suck I am about to put myself through..but I digress). 

This brought us to the doors of Crossfit North Seattle.



To set the scene, as you know (because again, you read this blog every day right?!?) I haven’t really been feeling the Crossfit love recently. 2014 seemed to be all about me trying to convince myself that I still liked Crossfit but it was hit and miss.  So I was a bit apprehensive about going to a new gym – What if I didn’t like it…what if I sucked…what if they sucked?? Would this drive another wedge between my former love Crossfit and me? But, since we risked actually becoming stuck to G’s sister’s couch, we had to do something.

So we walked through the doors of Crossfit North Seattle. And it was one of those moments where you know right away that you are in the right place and you are going to love it here.

To start with, we were greeted by the owner’s beautiful dog, Stella. Who lavished us with attention. Of course, we would learn later that Stella lavishes everyone with attention (the tramp!) but I like to think that secretly she loves me the best and is pining away for me back in Seattle.


But back to the box. We went back to Crossfit Seattle North 5 times over our holiday. 5 times. That’s more steady crossfit than I’ve done in months! A big part of the reason for that were the coaches. We were welcomed warmly by Coach Dan when we first arrived. The members were equally friendly. One of the things I like the best about this box was that there were no pretensions, no staring at you from across the room like you were a strange new specimen who didn’t know how to deadlift (trust me – I KNOW how to deadlift). There was none of that at Seattle North – just straight up Crossfit fun.  I had a blast.  I chatted with lots of people, learned about a lifting program that I hadn’t heard of before thanks to Coach Chris, lifted some weights, did some burpees and best of all remembered why I really loved Crossfit. For the community – for the fact that you can travel anywhere in the world and find people – your people. People who understand Paleo, hand tears and the agony that is learning double unders over and over.

We did a few different WODs while we were there.


The box also offers an Olympic Lifting class which I jumped on like a fat kid jumps on cake. We worked on our clean and jerks and snatches with Coach Mike and showed him that yes, it is possible to still not get under the bar even after two years of Crossfit. In return, he showed us how to get under the bar and made us go lower and lower each time. I’m sure it wasn’t pretty but it sure was fun! Seriously, is there anything better than Olympic lifting…I think not!

Coach Mike


If I had to identify any areas for improvement I would probably say that the classes are quite metcon focused rather than strength based – that is they-should-lift-more-things, heavy-things, alot. Of course that may just be a personal preference (what me? be biased for lifting over cardio….blasphemy! Okay, okay, so I like lifting better – so should you, cardio sucks.). The other thing I would say is that their weights are taking a beating from barbells being dropped with light weights on them. As such their weight plates aren’t in the best of shape.

Overall, I thought this gym was fabulous. Super friendly, with good coaches, convenient hours and not intimidating at all to drop into. I will definitely be going back next Christmas. Hopefully Stella will have kept my place warm on the mats :).

The gang, flexing for the camera.

Some other pics:

The box











Coach Dan and Stella

Coach Dan and Stella


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  1. Theresa says:

    What a great post! It was so great to meet you. Glad you were able to come in during your vacation and spend some time with us. Looking forward to seeing you next holiday season. 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Awesome Post! We are so glad that you had a great time here in Seattle and at our Box. We will keep your place on the mat warm and your both more than welcome next time you visit.

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