Getting ready for the Crossfit Open

Are you readyThe Crossfit Open is coming up – much faster than I would like it to considering how much work I still need to do to get to the level I’d like to be.

I’m not sure exactly what I will do to get ready for the Open (all ideas welcome!!) But as a first step – after watching this great video about the 15 movements to learn for the Open – I took a look back at the Opens from 2011, 2012 and 2013 to get an idea of what movements, lifts and weight had been part of the workouts.  I put together the table below:  Summary of Lifts and Movements from the Crossfit Open 2011 to 2013 [filterable excel file] which shows the movements, lifts and weights from the 3 past Crossfit Opens.  As mentioned in the video above by the Barbell Shrugged guys, all of the workouts were AMRAPs, so I included the time there.  Disclaimer: I developed this table for use by G and me to get ready for the Open, it isn’t an official crossfit document in any way, nor can I 100% guarantee that it doesn’t contain any errors as I am a terrible proofreader!

Summary of Crossfit Open Lifts


It has been really useful for me to get an idea of some of the things I need to work on to get to a good level for the Open.  Apart from the muscle-up (which is not going to happen for this year), I’m hoping that I can at least do okay on the rest of the movements and lifts. The pull-up will by far be the most challenging as I’m still only able to do 1-2 on a purple band. I’m within reaching distance on the lift weights so will need to just focus on increasing my 1RM on those. (See the second video in the Road to Regionals series) to see how this can help you during the Open.

For right now, I am focusing on pushing myself just that little bit extra in the workouts – to go a bit closer to the floor on my pushups and to lift just a bit heavier each time I do a lift.

I have no idea what great workouts Dave Castro and his crew will come up with but I feel a bit better knowing that I have the beginnings of a plan….

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    1. jennifer says:

      I love your focus!! Have you looked into pull-up progression programs?

      (and super cute new pic, btw!)

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