GUEST BLOG: Allison tries out Kauai Crossfit – Crossfit on the Beach!

Rae here. One of the great things about living and crossfitting in an international city is that I get to work out with people who travel….a lot.  Some of them get to go to some very cool places and I can live vicariously through their adventures.

Today’s Guest Blogger is Allison who has been at our box for about a year…although she, for some reason, chooses the morning classes…shudder…

Allison recently checked out some boxes in Kauai, Hawaii. map kauai








A family holiday to celebrate my mother’s birthday took me to Kauai, Hawaii, in March 2014. It was my first time trying Crossfit at any box other than Crossfit GVA and I will admit I was nervous. I started Crossfit in August 2013 and I was worried that any Crossfit box in the US would be totally intimidating. What put me (a bit) at ease was an email reply from owner/operator Jerome Hromiak,, who was really positive about me dropping in and even asked if I could bring him some Swiss chocolate.

In March, Kauai Crossfit had two locations – one in Kapa’a and one in Lihue, the main city on the island (unfortunately, the Kapa’a location, which was next to the beach, has since closed). I tried Kapa’a twice and Lihue once. Most of the people I met in both locations were island residents and all were really friendly and welcoming. Crossfit GVA doesn’t have a monopoly on good community spirit! The Kauai Crossfit coaches were also very friendly and professional.

All of this positivity evaporated as soon as I started the first class though – the warm up was fine (4x 100m run with 10 squats and 10 push ups at the end of each run). The strength element was a bit more intense than I was used to: “Hell Squats” – 5 rounds @ 60% of 1RM back squat. Without racking the bar, do 7 front squats and 5 back squats. About half way through, I realized I was going to do 60 squats – and that I should have used less weight. Although I was able to do the whole thing at the recommended weight, I really struggled getting up and down on the surf board for the next two days… and after that, the WOD just about finished me off. It was 10-8-6-4-2 x2 of squats, shoulder to overhead and mountain climbers. I was happy just to finish. And all my efforts to convince my sister to try Crossfit were undone as she was watching this exquisite torture.

Another Metcon anyone?

Undaunted, and with milk chocolate and hazelnut bars to deliver to Jerome, I tried the Lihue location a few days later. I arrived about 30 minutes before the class, so had a lot of time to talk to the coach, Luke, and his wife, who had moved from Colorado to Hawaii a few months before. The Lihue location is a traditional warehouse space, slightly larger than Crossfit GVA. Again, the participants were all residents except me, and all were very friendly. And again, the class was a tough one. The warm up was fine, and the strength element was supposed to be strict press, but we went straight to the WOD (thank all the Polynesian gods), which was (for time):

1 mile run

100 shoulder to overhead*

100 Russian twists

1 km row

*every minute on the minute do 3 burpees while doing the shoulder to overheads

Did I mention that it was about 32 degrees out that day? Still, Coach Luke was really amazing and had the perfect combination of intimidation and encouragement to get everyone through to the end. The original program had the rowing first and the run last, but as there were not enough rowing machines I switched it up and man I am glad I did – I would not have appreciated running a mile as fast as I could after doing everything else before! And I finished, and I didn’t finish last. Yay me.

The insanity didn’t stop though – my third and final class back at the beach consisted of:

Warm-up: 400m run followed by 5 minutes of 5 jumping pull-ups, 5 empty bar thrusters, and 5 empty bar rows.

WOD: backwards running Fran! Run 1200m, 9 pull ups, 9 thrusters, Run 800m, 15 pull ups, 15 thrusters, Run 400m 21 pull ups, 21 thrusters.

Normally I wouldn’t mind getting to run, but again, when it’s so much hotter than you are used to, I was actually looking forward to pull ups. And I can’t do pull-ups (Note to self: keep working on this goal).

I took home a cool tank top and a new appreciation for just how insane crossfit can be – in a good way. My brain also got a work-out since I had to convert all my weights from kg to lb. And since I travel a lot for work, this experience under my belt means that I will totally try out another box as a visitor in the future – probably next up will be Crossfit Aberdeen and their (shudder) 5:45 am class.


Thanks Allison!!

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  1. Allison says:

    Ha ha ha, Rae – no that was a medal for a run I did in Sweden. They definitely don’t give out medals in Kauai, just leis 🙂

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