Guest Blog: CiC’s Travelling Correspondent goes to Crossfit Primal

athens mapHey, you all remember Kyuta? Well Kyuta has been promoted to official CiC (that’s short for Covered in Chalk – I like it, I’m going to use it until it catches on; every good blog needs a good acronym…but I digress…this moment is not about me.) Anyway. Kyuta is now an official CiC travel correspondent. This is his 4th travel guest blog for the site.  Now he’s a bit behind on his writing but since I don’t pay him….  (except in affection and kind words at the gym 🙂 – really, I swear I am nice to him at least 60% of the time). Anyway. A little while ago, Kyuta went to visit Crossfit Primal in Athens. Here’s his story.


My first visit to Athens took place almost a year ago. It was November, sunny and warm. A far cry from the gloomy autumn weather that was quickly making every day shorter and colder in Geneva.

For the 5 days I was in Athens, I was foremost, a curious tourist but not just like any regular bloke with a camera or his smart phone. I was in Athens to attempt my very first full marathon. Yes THE Classic Athens Marathon. All 42.125km of it.

Now I do recognise that Covered in Chalk is a blog focusing on CrossFit, so I won’t be going through my running program in detail, though I would imagine, some would be keen to know what kind of endurance focused CrossFit training programs I put myself through. Unfortunately even if I wanted to write about my endurance program, I can’t really. That’s because I didn’t follow ANY program.

To be honest and blunt, my running program was non-existent. Yes you read right.

I basically continued to go to Crossfit probably 4 times a week until a week before the actual marathon. Throw in 2 half marathons and, about a dozen 10K runs and a Hero workout called Clovis spread across a 10 or 11 week span, pretty much encompasses my training for the marathon.

The marathon was on a Sunday, and I had not run in over a week (listening to advice from more serious runners, you’re supposed to taper off a couple of weeks before the race..) But I figured it’d be good to get the blood flowing a little at least once, say 2 days before the race. Maybe not the day before, but 2 days before should be alright, right?

I had sent out a couple of emails to the local boxes, asking if I could drop by for a workout. Reebok CrossFit Primal was the first place to reply and it was on! Dragging a friend, to the southern part of Athens, towards the port – the box is located in the industrial part of Piraeus. Warehouses and car garages were some of the buildings next to the box.


I showed up for one of the early evening classes. I was quickly welcomed by one of the coaches who was expecting a drop in visitor. I guess he thought ‘I must not be from around here..’? With the help of another crossfitter who translated the class setup, the whole class dove right into the warm up portion which consisted an assortment of burpees, pull ups, push presses with a barbell followed by a shoulder stretch using a band. The class setup followed a 10 minutes warm up, followed by a 20 minutes strength/skill section and ended with a met con. A gruelling one to, I may add.

On a side note, when being introduced to the other class members, guys in Athens or at least at this box, were either Giorgos or Yannis. And they pretty much all had beards. I dunno how they tell themselves apart.

For the strength portion of the class, we worked on push jerks. The rep scheme if I recall correctly was something along the lines of 5×5 with the weight increasing after each set.IMG_2934

And then time for the WOD arrived. And I was in luck. In some twisted fashion. Greek CrossFit boxes were going through their annual (?) Greek Throwdown competition. And it was week 2 out 3. Whoopee! Haha. I really did chuckle to myself out of nervousness. Not to mention, there was a small crowd in the box as well….and then gradually the Skrillex esque electro music filled the room.

 The WOD was an 8 minutes AMRAP of the following:

Shoulder to overhead (50kg) – 20 reps
Pull ups – 10 reps
Shoulder to overhead (50kg) – 20 reps
Chest to bar pull ups – 20 reps
Shoulder to overhead (50kg) – 20 reps
Bar muscle ups – 30 reps

I had just started to do a couple of bar muscle ups in the previous weeks, but to do 30 muscle ups after all that shoulder work..? Wowza. I managed to get through everything except the bar muscle ups. And needless to say, was exhausted. Flat on my back. I had noticed from the corner of my eye, that there were a few guys, who were ripping through the muscle ups at the end. Darn Greek demi gods!!

After thanking everyone, I was super excited to see Athens by night with some friends. Only to be reminded that I did have a marathon in less than 2 days….

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  1. Panos says:

    I find it awesome that Q reviews this 🙂 I’ve also been to CrossFit Primal so have had a similar experience to his.

    Need to give Rae a few other CrossFit Athens Box reviews as I’ve been to 3-4 more 😉

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