GUEST BLOG: CiC’s Travelling Correspondent Q at Crossfit BCN (Barcelona)

I once stood outside the Crossfit BCN (Barcelona) box and wanted to go in, but didn’t have enough time so I was really excited map bcnwhen CiC’s travelling correspondent Q told me he’d been there.

He tells us about tapas and his time below. Thanks Q!


The first 6 months of 2014, blew by and there were a number of occasions to travel to nearby cities in Europe for me. Berlin was one of them (if you read my previous post 😉 ). Barcelona was another city where I was fortunate to visit twice this year.

It was during my first trip to Barcelona which took place at the end of May, when I stopped by Reebok CrossFit BCN. I remember walking towards the box somewhat suffering from a food coma.

I’m going to go off on a tangent here… but bear with me. Tapas as a concept is just beautiful. Sharing a number of appetizers amongst friends, allowing yourself to try different things rather than just settling for one dish. Flat out awesome. I mean, you can be indecisive when you order. No need to settle for one dish! Just order them all…! Hence why I found myself in a food coma before dropping by Reebok CrossFit BCN. Not ideal but hey, at least I was fueled!

The box can be found close to the Arc-de-Triomf and about a 20-25 minute walk from the Ciutat Vella neighborhood.I found the place relatively accessible being a tourist which is always a positive thing! From the outside, the box appears to be relatively small. But upon walking in, there’s a wide hallway, where a number of rowing machines were lined up and then it opens up into a decent sized open space.


The class size was somewhere between 15 to 20, and I was one of two tourists. The class was taught in Spanish or possibly Catalan, but it didn’t matter. Why? Well our coach, was a bonita – and to be honest whatever she said, just sounded like music. Luckily for the 2 English speaking tourists dropping by, (a Dutch guy and myself) the workout was written on the white board. I just understood when she screamed ‘Hola Chicos!’, it was time to get moving.

After warming up, the strength portion of the class was focused on super sets of weighted pull ups and 250m rows. This didn’t seem to tough but by the time we got to our last sets, my shoulders started getting really tired….

gym bcn

The WOD was tabata based, 4 rounds of 4 minutes. With a minute break in between rounds. There were 4 stations, rowing, bear crawls, push ups and goblet squats. Once again, our cute coach, shouted out, ‘Hola Chicos’ and the WOD began! Out of the 4 stations, I’d say the bear crawls and the push ups really got to you. The rowing wasn’t too bad, but I think I got kinda lucky, getting it over and done with in the beginning. 20 minutes later, flat on my back, I was spent. Still panting, a round of high 5s ensued, and another box visit was in the books.

I’m sure I’ll visit this box again. Overall the people were friendly and the workout was definitely on the tougher end of the spectrum. This gave me some comfort when I later had my first cervesa that night!


Hasta Luego


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