GUEST BLOG: Crossfit Aberdeen gives you wings!

Hey CiC readers! Allison is back and this time with stories from her trip to Crossfit AberdeenAberdeen12





Scotland: Beautiful landscapes. Friendly people. Creatively deep fried foods. Mysterious lake-dwelling monsters (maybe). Delicious whisky. And of course, if you work in the oil biz (like me), home to Aberdeen, the centre for UK North Sea oil and gas, where I sometimes come for work and as a bonus get to try out a new box and write a blog entry for Rae.

I contacted Rob Lawson, owner of Crossfit Aberdeen, to inquire about dropping in and it was really easy to register on-line for an evening class. Unlike at Crossfit GVA, here I found myself doing evening classes. You guys who do this regularly back home may be on to something – staying in bed at 6:00 am instead of getting up to walk the dog before class seems like a good idea.

The dog


Crossfit Aberdeen is the only box in town and it’s got a typical crossfit box feeling, with a warehouse space and a convenient location next to the beach – not quite like my last experience in Hawaii, but a beach nonetheless.

My first class was full to capacity with 20 people, with two coaches, Dan and Liam. The workout looked like this:

Good Morning!

Warm up: 3 rounds of 10 deadlifts (bar only), 10 push press (bar only), 10 squats and 10 sit ups.

Strength: Kettlebell snatches and Good Mornings with a band instead of a bar, 3 rounds each of 8-12 reps.

WOD: 1 minute Turkish get ups, 1 minute hollow rocks, 1 minute American KB swings, 1 minute rest x 4 rounds.

The KB snatches were a challenge for me – since there were more women than men in the class most of the lighter KBs were in use so I used a heavier one than I otherwise would have. It was hard, but Liam gave me some good tips on technique that helped me at least get the KB overhead, if not as fast and punchy as the movement should have been. Then when I started slacking Dan showed up to correct me again. Turns out you especially can’t get away with crap form when there are two pairs of eyes on you!

The WOD was tough but certainly not soul destroying. Since I have a bad knee I have issues with Turkish get ups on one side, but Dan suggested I just do it with weight on one side and without weight on the wonky side, so I managed to do twice as many on the “weak” side. Otherwise, the rest of the WOD was fine. I’ve never actually done American KB swings before, but after The Big E’s “explosive hips” strongman class, I think my KB swing technique has definitely improved so I used heavier weight and had no trouble getting it over my head. The only issue was making sure you weren’t in each other’s way when everyone was on the floor or swinging KBs around – but it turns out there was just enough room for 20 sweaty bodies. They even offer yoga mats if you don’t want to lie on the floor (I declined the offer).

Class #2 (coached by Liam, Dan and box owner Rob) the next night looked like this:

You know when you’re going to have to read the board several times to get the program ? Yeah, this was one of those times.

That last bit of the WOD that you may not be able to read was 20 burpees over the box. It’s like my camera knew I didn’t want to be reminded of this “pleasurable” experience. We also did the WOD in pairs so the first partner (me) had to go fast enough that the second partner didn’t catch up on the burpees. Needless to say, I was a sweaty, dirty mess by the end of it, but it was a lot of fun (she says with a 12-hour gap between sheer exhaustion and writing this).

However, my only slight criticism of the whole CrossFit Aberdeen experience is that it turns out 15 people doing box jumps and push press (my partner and I used a bar as there were not enough DBs or KBs at the right weight for us) in the space was pretty tight, especially since the next class was waiting. There is no “green space” like we have at CrossFit GVA to stay off to the side watching your fellow Crossfitters suffer through a WOD. I was doing my burpees right at the feet of the next class and trying not to face plant on the box.

Dan, Rob and Liam were really attentive to everyone in both classes and offered great tips and Liam demoed each move. Plus they were all really nice guys. As I have come to expect from Crossfit, the atmosphere was laid back but everyone worked hard and was very encouraging. The box has been open for just over two years, and they are at capacity with membership, but I had no trouble getting a spot in either class. It’s definitely worth checking out Crossfit Aberdeen for a warm welcome and high fives/sweaty hugs if you are up Aberdeen way!



Sorry Red Bull, Crossfit Aberdeen gives you wings!

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