Guest Blog: Crossfitting at Crossfit Louvre (Paris, France)

So I tried to make a map this morning with all the other boxes that either G and I have visited to or someone from our gym has visited and written a guest blog about.  I failed miserably. Essentially I now have to wait for G to wake up for him to explain the mysteries of the internet to me….again.  I swear to you all, I am a strong, independent woman who can deadlift 121kg (268lbs), but the internet is a scary, scary place.

I wanted to do a map to show the amazing opportunities that my friends and I at the gym have just from living in Europe and being in a travel hub (you can get pretty much anywhere from Geneva).  Since I simply could not pull that together…maybe its a coffee to amount of time awake ratio thing?… here is a list of the cities where I have visited a box or there is a guest blog about on this site.

USA: Las Vegas, Boston, New York, Dallas, Seattle (no blog)

Rest of the World: Cagliari, Italy, Hamburg, Germany, Prague, Czech Republic, Tokyo, Japan, Vernon, Canada (no blog)

and today’s guest blog is about: Crossfit Louvre in Paris!!!!!! One of CoveredinChalk’s  favorite correspondents, Kyuta, has travelled again and tells us about his visit to Crossfit Louvre in Paris, France.

Ici C’est Paris!index

Couple of weeks ago, I had the occasion to visit the CrossFit Louvre (Paris) gym. Ok correction, I made the occasion, while my friends went for brunch and sightseeing.  Who has time for that right? I mean c’mon you’re in Paris…

Compared to my previous visits to Hamburg and Cagliari, I was curious to find out how this box was going to be. Not that this should make a difference but, this was the first box in a major capital city that I had visited, and from the website, already seemed very ‘established’. I mean, it’s not called the flagship box for nothing right?

With a small Reebok CrossFit store setup by the entrance, along with a LV1 coaching seminar going on, the place was noticeably full of people bustling about. There were 3 floors with people going up and down, the place felt like a ‘bigger’ gym.  However probably all the workout spaces were slightly smaller than the CrossFit GVA box. Since my visit, they have moved to a newer location, supposedly bigger but still by Etienne Marcel.

Sifting through the CrossFit store, I waited for my class to start. One of the coaches walked over and shouted for the 11am class to gather outside. As we stepped out, I noticed how large the class was. There were probably a total of 20 to 25 of us. We quickly broke into a light jog to a nearby park, which turns out to be by the Palais Royal. Who said you can’t combine sightseeing with a workout?

A jog around the park to continue the warm up, was followed by a stretch and then we dived straight into the WOD. No mucking about in Paris..!

10 x 100 m sprints, and if I recall correctly, we had a minute or 90 second rest in between sprints. Piece of cake, right? Well it may have been if the 100m distance was ACTUALLY 100m.

I remember finishing the first sprint  and thinking, this is not a 100m! Either Google Maps was inaccurate or my track & field days were…long gone. My suspicion was later confirmed by another guy, who was pretty sure that the distance was closer to 200m.

The session was over before I knew it, and kinda left me thinking, that’s it? Okay don’t get me wrong, the sprints weren’t easy, but the class felt rather ‘lacking’. Looking back, all we really did was jog, sprint and then a couple of body weight exercises at the end.

It’s not like I had any expectations but was it because the drop in fee was 25 Euros? Was it the coach who ran the class? Or the class size? I can’t pinpoint exactly why I felt like something was missing, but I guess every class can’t be a great one…

That said, kudos to the team for landing property in the heart of Paris. That aspect alone makes the CrossFit Louvre a memorable box and strong first impression. I do wonder what their new setup will be like!

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