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Once in a while a member of our Box goes travelling – actually it happens a lot when you live in Geneva. People always seem to be off to somewhere else. Which is bad if you happen to be their partner, sitting at home, pineing away…(with wine!!!) But great if you like hearing about what other Crossfit boxes are like – which I do. I always try to visit a new Box when I go travelling. And most of my crossfit buddies are the same.

So, that being said, I will introduce to you a new series that will pop up occassionally on this blog. The Guest Blog. It will come up whenever I can convince (beg, threaten, kidnap and tie to a chair until they are finished writing) a member of my Box to write about their experiences.

The first guest in our series is Glenn (or G has he has also been known on this blog – my boyfriend/partner/best friend type person). Glenn went to a conference in Dallas, Texas last week and here is his tale:


Drop-ins are an interesting experience. On the one hand, you feel proud of yourself for taking the time out of your vacation (or work trip) to get in a WOD or two. On the other hand, it can be pretty intimidating showing up in a new box with new people, and new equipment (Oh my God. Giant tires.)

Such was my experience in Dallas last week. My hotel happened to be ‘walking’ distance to a box, so I really had no excuse. I say ‘walking’ as apparently there’s been some sort of ordnance passed in Texas that pedestrians are to be shot on sight. In the 7 days I was there, I never saw a single person walking anywhere near my hotel. Now, there weren’t any sidewalks, mind you, so this isn’t too surprising. But were there no sidewalks because there are no pedestrians, or no pedestrians because there are no sidewalks? These are the thoughts that keep me up at night.

So, I dragged my ass down to the Dallas Crossfit Underworld for two WODs while I was in town. A much, much bigger box than I’m used to, and a much looser structure. Just show up and do the work-out on the board in your own time, without the group camaraderie I’m used to. This may have worked to my advantage in this case, as their workouts are also significantly more difficult than I’m used to. Well, at least the ones I did were. Maybe they saw me coming and scheduled extra hard ones. 20 wall balls, 40 pull-ups, 20 WBs, 40 box jumps, 20 WBs, 40 ring dips, 20 WBs , 40 32Kg KB swings, 20 wall balls. Are you kidding me? I’ve never done 40 ring dips, and 32 Kg KBs are seriously heavy. I survived though. And that’s the important part when it gets right down to it. Show up, get through it, get better. Slowly, in my case, but still.

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