Guest Blog: Kyuta checks out Crossfit Spree in Berlin, Germany

BerlinWell our official CiC travelling correspondent is back! This time he has visited one of my favorite cities – Berlin!!  Berlin is home to some amazing  historical sites – the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, that tell the tales of some dark times past.  It is also the home to some pretty cool Crossfit Boxes. On this trip, Kyuta visits Crossfit Spree in Berlin. He also brought me back a tank top. Love it. Love him. Enjoy.



This is Kyota. (I chose the picture...Your welcome, lol).

Roughly 5 months ago, I found myself in Berlin again meeting up with a good friend of mine, Marcel. Some of you may remember, my first blog contribution to Covered in Chalk about my visit to a box in Hamburg. Yup the poor friend who got dragged into his first CrossFit class. Since then, he’s been going to CrossFit intermittently so, it was a no brainer that during our stay in Berlin, we’d hit up a box before the festivities.

The box we chose to check out was Spree Crossfit. Located in between Kreutzberg and Friedrichschein, the box is accessible, located in the middle of an industrial complex. I guess this is a common setup / location for a lot of boxes worldwide.

It was a Thursday morning, when we rocked up to Spree CrossFit. Paid our drop in fee at the reception and got changed into our gear. The size of the box was moderate, comfortable enough for a class of 10-15 with some space to the side for people to potentially do their own thing.

As the coach signalled the beginning of the class, alternating between German and English, I quickly found out that at Spree CrossFit, they dedicated one day a week to Olympic Weightlifting. During the programming at the time, it happened to be on Thursdays. They also mentioned that they dedicate certain mornings to Mobility courses as well. This was in some ways a different programming approach to what I was used to. Olympic weightlifting is a weakness of mine, and to have days dedicated to that was certainly interesting. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a solution that will fix my snatch technique immediately but to have classes solely dedicated to the different lifts was kinda comforting.

So after a warmup to break a light sweat, the class was composed of skill and a strength section. I asked the coach what the WOD was, and he shot back ‘Let’s see how you feel after you’ve done everything.’

Okkkaaayyy, I thought to myself….as I quietly laced up my lifting shoes and got on with the class…

For the skill portion of the class, we worked on cleans. Aka reverse curls for me. To say my technique is a little off – would be a kindness to my ego (actually at times it’s fucking horrible and I literally shrug the barbell off the ground). I don’t know how I do it sometimes.

The idea was to work up to a heavy 1RM. It was one of those day’s where discipline amongst many things was lacking. My hip kept on rising first, etc and not being used to the hook grip, it was a frustrating 15 odd minutes. What I appreciated a lot though was that the coach throughout the skill & strength portions of the class, dished out appropriate and digestible cues to each individual.

Moving onto the strength section of the class – this is when the coach’s answer hit me literally, when I asked if there was a WOD or not. I had to do a double take to make sure I read the blackboard right. The menu du jour was –


Paused Back Squats (3 seconds) 3 x 3 (85% of 1RM)

Push Jerks from behind the neck @ 1RM of your Press 3 x 5

Strict toes to bar 3 x max reps

Yup. Pretty gnarly right? By the time I was done with everything, the next class was finishing their warm up. After thanking the staff and other classmates, I walked out of the box in a gingerly fashion, thinking ‘forget the met con!’

I looked back one last time at the entrance of the box and saw a banner through the window with words ‘In Squats We Trust’. Amen to that.



Later that night, I have to say I did attend a Nine Inch Nails gig, where I managed to hold my own in the mosh pit despite my legs feeling like jello. Metcon check! 😉



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