GUEST BLOG: Meaghan visits Annie’s gym: Crossfit Reykjavic

Like I’ve said before, ticeland_maphe people from my gym, travel a lot! Then they come back and tell us all about it. Then I rope them into writing blog posts.  It’s a good life.

This week Meaghan tells us about visiting Annie Thorisdottir’s gym in Iceland during the Crossfit Open this year.  Holy crap! How cool would that be?!?



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It’s always been on my bucket list to see the Northern lights, so with the recovery from a ski accident keeping me off the slopes this winter, I decided to take a trip to Iceland. At the time, I had only been doing Crossfit for 6 months, and had just ditched the crutches 2 weeks before my trip – but nevertheless I stopped in for a WOD at Annie Thorisdottir’s gym: Crossfit Reykjavic.


After trekking out to an industrial park on the outskirts of the city, and asking directions at more than one strip-mall establishment, I was thinking this was maybe not the best idea. But… it’s Annie Thorisdottir’s gym! I am definitely a fan, in part because “Annie” is the only benchmark workout I’ve RX’d.

Thordottir actually means "Thor's daughter".

My accidental tour of the industrial park completed, I showed up late to the WOD. The desk clerk smiled, said it was no problem, they have classes starting every 20 minutes, and the first two times you work out, it’s free! However, it might be suggested that you check out the selection of official “Annie” crossfit swag. This is definitely a box that is used to tourists.

My experience was maybe a bit intense, it was during the Crossfit Open, specifically, the wonderful burpee-thruster medly that was 14.3. I was told to wait in the warm up area for class to start, the coach / owner walked up and introduced myself, “Hi, you’re here for the class. My name is Evert.” (Games Profile: He started explaining how my score would be documented for the Open. “Oh, I didn’t sign up for the open.” He stared at me, speechlessly for a few seconds. “WHAT?”

Apparently “Not doing the open” is NOT a thing in Annie Thorisdottir’s gym.

I explained that I was recovering from a ski accident, which seemed to mollify him a bit. We went through the workout, with some helpful strategy tips from the coaches (although I think that having a Viking behind you, screaming to go faster is far more effective for a achieving a competitive time than remembering to breathe at the top of a thruster). The Regulars were taking turns intently counting each of their partner’s jumps over the bar, clipboards in hand. Since I was “not doing the open”, I did not get a clipboard or a partner. However, the coaches took time to see how deep I could go with the thrusters (due to the knee injury) and modified the WOD accordingly.

Nuts and bolts: the facilities and equipment are great, the gym is BIG, with large picture windows. Change room facilities are standard, plus little touches of luxury (hand cream for treating calluses, hair dryers, and toiletries to make yourself presentable post-WOD). Multiple classes run with staggered start times; a group warms up in a stretch/rowing area, moves to the floor for the strength portion / WOD then cools down in a separate designated area with mats and foam rollers. It was all very efficient. The class was given in Icelandic and English, I don’t know if it was for my benefit, but I heard instructors of other groups speaking English as well. All and all, an absolute “must-do” for any crossfitters visiting Reyjkavic!


Since Meaghan didn’t know she would be writing a blog post at time, she didn’t grab any pictures, so I found a few on the net that show the gym.

Will definitely drop in next time I’m in Iceland….well, actually, the first time I’m in Iceland…which may happen….someday!

Crossfit Reyjkavic gym

Crossfit Reyjkavic gym2

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