GUEST BLOG: Mera goes back to her roots…(Crossfit Commonweath Boston)

It’s so exciting for me to hear about other Boxes from all over the world. I always wonder if people are having the same great experience that I am and whether they love the people at their box as much as I love the people at mine. So whenever someone comes back from visiting another box, I can’t wait to hear their stories.

Today, my friend Mera (who was the one who originally christened the chin-up the “the poor, unattractive cousin of the hot and sexy pull up…”) was nice enough to share her recent foreign box experience. This one is really cool because she was going back to where it all started!

Mera hanging on bars

When I went on vacation to Boston this summer it was a no-brainer as to where I was going to work out while I was there: Commonwealth CrossFit. CWCF and I go way back – all the way back to its founding days. I am one of the original members and still hold the record for most improved squat! (That’s right – in the beginning these hips could not go below parallel!) I was introduced to CrossFit by my good friend Brian Buell, who is the owner of CWCF. Brian and I met three years ago when we were volunteering for a free summer soccer clinic in the greater Boston area called Soccer Nights. Shortly after we met, Brian invited me to an “intense workout in the park”. I later found out that said “intense workout” was CrossFit, and I was hooked. From that first day, I’ve worked out with Brian from the park (burpees in the rain!), to the basement of a church, and finally to his incredible new space in Somerville, MA.

Even though I had already been to CWCF in its current space, I was still in awe at how big it is. Brian has aptly nicknamed it “The Hangar”. The place is huge and it definitely could fit a few small aircrafts. There’s an office, two pull-up rigs, a sign-in station plus cubbyholes, water coolers, a huge wall for wall balls and handstands, several racks and tons of weights and equipment, and changing rooms with bathrooms and showers. Crossfit Commonwealth Boston

So much can happen there at once, it seems. One night I signed up for a free massage at the gym, and while that was happening, a class just finished, and it looked like two were getting started (a regular class and an on-ramp class). Despite all of the activity, there was no chaos and there definitely was enough space for everything going on.

I was able to go to four classes while I was there and loved each of them. Community is truly valued at CWCF, so at the beginning of each class, while working on mobility, everybody introduces themselves and answers an icebreaker question (I got to hear some interesting stories in response to “What was your craziest and/or best birthday party?”). I liked that because I generally am kind of a shy person, so I appreciate it when introductions are made easy. It also provided a great way for us all to remember each other’s names.

There are a lot of coaches at CWCF, but because I went in at the same times while I was there, I only got coached by two: Brian and Nora. Nora started coming to CWCF when we were still in the basement so it was great to see her again and be coached by her! She is incredible. Plus, she has great gear. She let me borrow her wrist wraps for snatches and overhead squats and they had female superheroes on them!

wicked wristbands

One thing I really liked at CWCF was that with most of the WODs come three scaling categories: Skill, Rx, and Competition. I appreciated this because I’m used to my coach telling me how heavy I should go, or how I should scale the exercises. That couldn’t really happen with people who don’t know where I am athletically so it was nice to be able to see what I should be doing. I was also able to mix and match a little bit. 🙂 (My only problem was converting everything from lbs to kg and back again, but I just used a calculator if I got really stuck.)

If ever you find yourself in or around Boston, I highly recommend visiting Commonwealth CrossFit! It is very accessible (Red Line and bus), it’s a great place to work out and everyone is very welcoming! Also, be sure to look through the scrapbook on your way in or out – you can find yours truly in there a few times. 😉

Loo in Boston

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