Guest Blog: Miranda finds a new gym

Like I’ve said before, my crossfit gym is a bit like a family – a place “where everybody knows your name“. Those of us who have been there a while have become quite close, so it is always sad when someone leaves the gym – which happens pretty frequently because Geneva is a transient city, full of expats who often have to move as we move forward with our careers. I asked my friend, Miranda, who recently moved from Geneva to San Francisco to write about trying to find a new gym after a move. Here’s what she had to say: (Thanks, Miranda!!)

Miranda on mountain

Raegan has mentioned it many times here on this blog, but it certainly bears repeating. Our Crossfit Gym rocks. I joined Crossfit GVA just one month after it opened, when the classes were very small, sometimes just me and one other person. It was exciting to watch the concept of Crossfit catch hold in our small Swiss city and grow into the remarkable space that it is today. Not only did Crossfit keep me fit, but it also rewarded me with incredible, lasting friendships.

So what happens when it’s time to move? How can you leave behind such an important part of your life? How could I ever find a new box to replace my beloved Crossfit GVA? Would I be an embarrassment to the coaches in Geneva when I show up at a new box? Would I make new friends? Let me tell you all about my quest to find a gym in San Francisco, California.

When I stepped off the plane in San Francisco, finding a new gym was at the top of my to do list. I had checked out the Crossfit affiliate website and marked the location of all the gyms in the city on a map. The good news—there were lots of options. The bad news—none of the locations were incredibly convenient. I quickly learned that most Crossfit gyms in the city tend to be in dodgier parts of town. Where else can you afford to have a big space with high ceilings?

I narrowed down my options to three gyms that were biking distance from my new apartment and attended a Saturday class at all three. I was impressed with the equipment selection at all of the gyms (hello, rope climbs!?!?). The coaches were all helpful and the other members were supportive and encouraging. But I would be lying if I said any of them felt “right.”

Crossfit Golden GateNonetheless I settled on Crossfit Golden Gate. The primary reason was because they are open on Sundays (none of the other gyms had this option). They also had a nice space with a high ceiling (incidentally, they have since moved to a new space that does not have a high ceiling, but I’m already committed at this point). Due to a change in my work schedule I must now attend the morning classes rather than the evening classes. I love the idea of getting my workout over with first thing in the morning. The drawback; however, is that it tends to be less social. Everyone is scurrying off to work and doesn’t have time to stand around after class to chat.

So I have indeed found my new box. I’m attending classes as regularly as my schedule allows (typically 3-4 days per week) and I’m still in love with Crossfit. I am forced to do things I could never motivate myself to do on my own. I know the morning regulars and some basic personal information about them all. But I won’t be meeting any of them for drinks after work. And they aren’t going to cheer me up when I’m having a bad day. Luckily I can still count on my Crossfit GVA pals to do that for me. I guess there are some relationships that just can’t be duplicated.

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