Guest Blog: Allison visits Middle Kingdom Fitness in Beijing, China!

 Thanks to our travelling correspondents here at CIC, I really get to feel like I’ve crossfitted all over the world!! Today’s guest blog is from Allison, who recently visits Middle Kingdom Fitness in Beijing.  Honestly, how cool is that?!?  

  In Beijing in 2014, a visitor who wants to do CrossFit has two options:

  • Follow the WOD posted by your home box in the hotel gym which has limited barbell equipment (it was workable … but only just, and it was really distracting to be able to see myself in the mirror); or
  • Go rogue. And by that I don’t mean Rogue™.


I ain’t as good as I once was…..

But I’m as good once as I ever was! After a few weeks of crazy work mayhem, my return to Crossfit can be summed up fairly well in these lyrics from Toby Keith’s song “I ain’t as good as I once was”.

I ain’t as good as I once was Thats just the cold hard truth I still throw a few back, talk a little smack When I’m feelin bullet proof So don’t double dog dare me now ‘Cause I’d have to call your bluff

I ain’t as good as I once was But I’m as good once


GUEST BLOG: CiC’s Travelling Correspondent Q at Crossfit BCN (Barcelona)

 I once stood outside the Crossfit BCN (Barcelona) box and wanted to go in, but didn’t have enough time so I was really excited when CiC’s travelling correspondent Q told me he’d been there. He tells us about tapas and his time below. Thanks Q!

fkdjfkajfkajkfa The first 6 months of 2014, blew by and there were a number of occasions to travel to nearby cities in Europe for me. Berlin was one of them (if you read my previous post 😉 ). Barcelona was another city where


GUEST BLOG: Crossfit Aberdeen gives you wings!

 Hey CiC readers! Allison is back and this time with stories from her trip to Crossfit Aberdeen        

Scotland: Beautiful landscapes. Friendly people. Creatively deep fried foods. Mysterious lake-dwelling monsters (maybe). Delicious whisky. And of course, if you work in the oil biz (like me), home to Aberdeen, the centre for UK North Sea oil and gas, where I sometimes come for work and as a bonus get to try out a new box and write a blog entry for Rae. I contacted Rob Lawson, owner of Crossfit Aberdeen, to inquire about dropping in and it was really


Guest Blog: Kyuta checks out Crossfit Spree in Berlin, Germany

 Well our official CiC travelling correspondent is back! This time he has visited one of my favorite cities – Berlin!!  Berlin is home to some amazing  historical sites – the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, that tell the tales of some dark times past.  It is also the home to some pretty cool Crossfit Boxes. On this trip, Kyuta visits Crossfit Spree in Berlin. He also brought me back a tank top. Love it. Love him. Enjoy.    

CiC’s first official Travelling Correspondent Roughly 5 months ago, I found myself in Berlin again


Guest Blog: CiC’s Travelling Correspondent goes to Crossfit Primal

 Hey, you all remember Kyuta? Well Kyuta has been promoted to official CiC (that’s short for Covered in Chalk – I like it, I’m going to use it until it catches on; every good blog needs a good acronym…but I digress…this moment is not about me.) Anyway. Kyuta is now an official CiC travel correspondent. This is his 4th travel guest blog for the site.  Now he’s a bit behind on his writing but since I don’t pay him….  (except in affection and kind words at the gym 🙂 – really, I swear I am nice to him at


GUEST BLOG: Meaghan visits Annie’s gym: Crossfit Reykjavic

 Like I’ve said before, the people from my gym, travel a lot! Then they come back and tell us all about it. Then I rope them into writing blog posts.  It’s a good life. This week Meaghan tells us about visiting Annie Thorisdottir’s gym in Iceland during the Crossfit Open this year.  Holy crap! How cool would that be?!?  

  Meaghan lifting at Crossfitgva It’s always been on my bucket list to see the Northern lights, so with the recovery from a ski accident keeping me off the slopes this winter, I decided to take a trip


A successful DNF

 For those of you who are new to Crossfit, there are a lot (A LOT!!!!!) of acronyms that we use. AMRAP, EMOM, WOD, METCON etc… and the list goes on.  But the worst one by far – the one we most try to avoid – is the DNF. DNF stands for Did Not Finish!  Which essentially the equivalent of showing up at the gym without any pants on.  What I mean is, you generally don’t want to get a DNF. Most of the time.  Some might argue that you should never DNF, but


GUEST BLOG: Allison tries out Kauai Crossfit – Crossfit on the Beach!

 Rae here. One of the great things about living and crossfitting in an international city is that I get to work out with people who travel….a lot.  Some of them get to go to some very cool places and I can live vicariously through their adventures. Today’s Guest Blogger is Allison who has been at our box for about a year…although she, for some reason, chooses the morning classes…shudder… Allison recently checked out some boxes in Kauai, Hawaii.          

  This is Allison, on another day. I don’t think they give you medals in Kauai…but if they


Tips for finishing a Metcon when all you want to do is quit!

 Let’s be honest, Crossfit is effing hard! There are days when just getting to the gym feels like an impossilble goal…let alone actually working out when you get there. And I swear, those are always the days when the Metcon has 4,000 manmakers…or burpees in it. When, if it were socially acceptable, you would just curl up on the gym floor and cry like a baby.   Last night was one of those nights for me. The metcon was: 15/12/9 Manmakers (RX 20kg men/15kg women) and Pull-ups. (seriously, who invented the manmaker…there are some evil, evil people in this world). Just looking


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