How do burpees make you feel?

If you are one of those people who loves burpees, let me just stop you right here. No need to read any further.  Stop right now and go back to doing whatever it is you people do – chew nails, kick puppies …whatever non normal, inhuman thing it is that you like do when not throwing yourself joyfully on and off the floor.

Ok, still here? Good! In real life, we would be friends.

I want to have a frank and honest discussion about burpees. I have been doing Crossfit for just over 1.5 years and the thought of burpees still makes me what to cry inside…actually, on the outside too.  Really, it’s just a lot of crying.

Nothing makes me feel more like a newbie who just started crossfit a week ago than burpees.  Yesterday, the metcon had 3 rounds of 20 burpees in it.  The first set went okay but during the second set, my lungs felt like they were going to explode and my legs felt like they weighed 100 kg each.

But after I had barely survived the metcon a strange thing happened, I looked around and noticed that some of my other gymmates looked as destroyed as I did. So I thought to myself, maybe I’m not alone in feeling absolutely destroyed by burpees.  Maybe burpees are actually the great equalizer. Maybe they suck for everyone.

So here is my question to you, my lovely internet friends, how do you feel when doing burpees? At what point, if any, do they start to suck? At what point do you begin to negotiate with know that moment where you start to convince yourself that it might be okay to just stop early…just this once…How many burpees does it take?

Or if by some miracle, burpees don’t make you want to reconsider all things crossfit, tell me your secret…how do you survive burpees?

Is this your version of hell? If not, PLEASE TELL ME YOUR SECRET!!!!!

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  1. Kristin J says:

    If someone loves burpees then they are one odd duck! A few weeks ago we did a EMOM Wod of 5 burpees and 5 deadlifts for 12 minutes. By the last few rounds I kept thinking I was going to give out and that during a burpee I would just end up on the floor not able to get up. But then the 12 minutes was up and I had survived!

    • Rae says:

      I’m often surprised at the end of a workout. Usually about round 3 I have convinced myself that it would be okay to quit…then you just keep going and all of a sudden it’s done. I hate EMOM burpees as it takes me almost the whole minute to do the burpees.

  2. Selina says:

    I refer to burpees as my own personal Hell. I started out not minding burpees when I began CrossFit about a year ago, but now I look for excuses to sub out burpees. Unfortunately, my trainers never let me so I cry a little every time as I throw myself down on the ground and peel myself up. Everyone else makes them look so graceful and I look like I’m swimming through molasses.

    I usually contemplate giving up around burpee number 5 because they’re just that awful. But, on the bright side, I have gotten considerably faster at burpees… and they do suck a little less — key word is a little. I guess working on things you suck at repeatedly in order to get better actually works. Huh, who would have thought?

  3. Sarah says:

    If there’s anyone outside who’s not half-dead after doing burpees I want to know their secret. I hate burpees! The other day we had a WOD with 75 – 50 – 25 burpees (and some running mixed in) and the guys at my box mostly did all the burpees. How do they do that? How does anyone do that many burpees unless their name is Rich Froning?!? I had to scale to 60 burpees in total and I still felt dead afterwards.

    The only thing that keeps me doing burpees is the sliver of hope that one day I won’t feel like dying after doing twenty of them. Like, in ten years or something.

    • Rae says:

      Wow, that sounds like an awful workout – adding running in is just adding insult to injury. 60 burpees is still amazing. I think it would take me a week.

  4. I am fresh meat to crossfit but last week our workout included burpees and I mentioned it on social media only to have someone respond to me with: “I love burpees!” That very moment I said out loud [to myself because that’s worth it]: “Shut the hell up, no one loves burpees!”

    Thank you for confirming my thought.

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