How do I get back my groove back?

warning_ninja_zone_by_metal4ever123-d38nnkdI am going through a pretty happy phase at the moment.  I’m in a good, happy mood. As someone who is often  moody being in a pretty consistent good mood is a bit of a oddity.  Last  year was kind of a tough year and a long running good mood happened about as much as unicorn sightings.  2014 has started differently.  Which has been great – except for one thing – I seem to have left my motivation/drive in my 2013 pants. It seemed like last year I was always pushing or fighting against something -work stress, insomnia – and this just made me work harder and dig deeper in order to be able to keep meeting my goals and pushing forward.

This year, I’m sleeping better and have committed to not being as stressed about work – and it’s working.  But, what’s weird is that, in the absence of that thing to fight against, I seem to have lost my drive.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sitting in my office eating bon bons, I’m still doing my work but it  feels different and it seems harder to motivate myself – that inner drive to succeed in the face of all obstacles is just not there.  And this is translating over into other areas of my life – like Crossfit.

Again, it isn’t like I’m not pushing myself at Crossfit – I spent 5 mins lying on the floor after the first competitor’s class. I’m still doing my pull-up program and getting closer and closer to my first strict pull-up.  But I’ve got to dig deep to find the drive.  And don’t even get me started about nutrition. Apparently I’m currently working on a 3 day on Paleo, 2 days of eating whatever happens to be within arms reach and made of carbohydrates program.  I know how important eating the right thing right now is to my training for the Open, I just can’t seem to get the motivation to stick with it.

I don’t know how to get my groove back, to find that inner need to push farther, to go further. Stella found hers by going on a tropical holiday and shacking up with a much younger man.

Movie:How Stella got her Groove Back

G informs me that this isn’t an option and that I need to find another way – he’s old fashioned like that.

I wonder if this is a case of “fake it til you make it”. If I just keep telling myself that I’m in zone, that I am a work/crossfit/life ninja, maybe I’ll start to feel that way again.  Or maybe I need to find new obstacles to push against.  Maybe I’m one of those people who always needs an arch-villain to battle against…but I don’t want to battle, I’m so happy right now…but I do miss the drive.

Any suggestions on how I can get my groove back?

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  1. Cassi says:

    Maybe find a new challenge to work in in conjunction with the Crossfit. Perhaps it’ll develop into your new thing after the Open.

  2. If you believe something, then it is true. Go for it! You will get your groove back. I have felt similar after battling an illness for the past couple weeks. I feel off my game. But I continue to believe that I will get back to where I was and I am slowly getting there. Go for it, girl!

  3. Hi Raegen – Popping over (late) from the SITS challenge & wanted to say hi! I fully think “fake it till you make it” works eventually but maybe setting some smaller, more immediate goals will help too. Maybe it’s hard to stick to a nutrition or training plan for the Open however far away it is, so choose very specific, goals for every week.

  4. Leigh says:

    I too feel like I’ve lost my groove a bit! Lots of life changes have got me feeling scattered and unfocused and out of sync with my usual self. Maybe the trick isn’t to try to get our grooves back. Maybe we need a new lane to ride in. 🙂

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