How do you keep going when the Crossfit progress just isn’t happening?

As you know (if you read my last post, which I’m sure you did because you are awesome) I recently decided to postpone becoming a Crossfit coach so that I could focus on getting married (IN 7 DAYS HOLY SH*TCAKES BATMAN!!!!) and on my new job.  This meant that I could put a bit more time into focusing on improving my own personal crossfit skills while I am off work in August.

Which is a great plan. A brilliant plan even….IF IT WERE WORKING…WHICH IT IS NOT!!!!!

(Sidenote: I’m getting married in 7 days, I apologize if I seem a bit spastic…I am).

So here’s the thing, I’ve been going to the gym to work on my stuff – thinking this will be great, I’ll learn some new skills (rope climbs, handstands) and work on my lifts (particularly the back squat and the snatch) – however, what has actually happened is that it appears that I have completely forgotten how to do anything crossfit related.

It’s like an epic sh*tshow in my head around Crossfit.  It seems that while everything in other areas of my life is jumping forward, my crossfit skills are regressing to a childlike state.

What does this mean? It means I have had to take weight off the bar – OFF!!!  on many of my lifts. My strength is decreasing rather than increasing.  The other day, I was working on my strict presses – and only worked with 30 kg. 30!!! For 5 sets of 5.  2 months ago, I did this with 35kg fairly easily. WTF, Crossfit Gods, WTF?  

Okay, so the press is a disaster, but that’s okay, I still have the snatch.

As I mentioned I went to the lovely Queen T’s weightlifting class and was snatching like a pro.


Then apparently I suffered from a head trauma because when I went in to practice the snatch yesterday….nothing was working. Nothing! I couldn’t get any of the pulls right and my hip thrust (or pull, whatever you want to call it) was nowhere to be found. I have seen turtles that moved faster than that barbell was yesterday.

And of course, my first unassisted strict pull-up remains nowhere to be seen.

So all of this has added up to a sudden desire to just throw my hands up and take up crocheting.  Seriously, I think I could make an awesome scarf or crochet chicken or whatever…as long as it didn’t involve lifting a bar over my head.

My future after Crossfit.

So the question becomes – when nothing is going right, how do you keep going?

Sure, there’s the love of the sport. Sure, there’s the not wanting to get fat. Sure, there’s your friends at the gym.

But sometimes that motherfracking bar makes me so motherfracking angry!!!!!!!!

So here’s where I need your help. What do you suggest I do to help me get through this motivational (and skills) slump? Should I take a break? Step away from the gym for a bit? Should I focus only on the things that are going well? Should I pick one “goat” and work on it until the problems so away??

Help me Crossfit world, because today, I seem to have left my motivation in my other pants.

DISCLAIMER: This post may be the result of some pre-wedding induced hysteria. I may be fine in 8 days. But if not….what should I do????????



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  1. Amandine says:

    By now, you will be 1 day away from the big day, so I hope you’re gonna have a great time!

    About your CrossFit issues, we all hit a plateau at some point in our training. Whatever sport or activity you are training for.

    My advice would be to take a little time off or at least with less pressure on performance.
    Try new sports or activities and have fun with it!
    Recently I tried Rock Climbing and I loved it. I’m never gonna be a great climber: not flexible and too heavy, but I cant wait to go again!

    After a few days, you will feel this new wave of energy and excitement for CrossFit and all your super powers will slowly come back to you!

    Have an awesome time at your wedding and I look forward to seeing you kick my b*tt again at the box.

    • Rae says:

      Thanks Amandine!! It’s been slow getting back to the gym. I went on Monday and went too hard and today overdid it, so had to take 3 days off. Back tonight! Wedding was amazing. Hopefully having had an (almost) 3 week break with re-energize the Crossfit love. See you soon.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Well, the love of the sport? Not wanting to get fat? Your friends at the gym? lol. Those are exactly what keep me going.

    I deal with this a lot because I’m never as good as I think I should be and I work out with people who are a lot better than me. What I do when I really start getting down on myself is train my strengths. Pick something you’re good at and really rock it. Picture people in the crowd cheering you on because you’re so damn good.

    Like you said, you’re getting married in a week. So, if you don’t feel like CrossFitting…don’t CrossFit. But if you can’t stay away from the box, just go when you want. No pressure, right?

    • Rae says:

      Thanks Jennifer! You are so right, there are so many reasons to keep going to the gym. I did stop Crossfitting during the wedding but am slowly heading back. We just started a new four week rotation that is full of lifts I love so it should be a bit easier to get back into the groove.

  3. jennifer says:

    Oh, Rae.. RELAX!!! 🙂

    Your body is under so much other stress from everything outside the box, that in this situation, I think working out may not be helping (when usually I’d prescribe more exercise to someone stressing out!).

    Ease into the new job, GET FREAKING MARRIED, and chill. Then go back into class, set a plan, and rock it. Yes, work one goat at a time, maybe one lift and one skill. But right now it seems like it is mostly mental and not that you have lost all of your strength.

    you’ll get back, girl!!

  4. Sean says:

    First, congrats on the upcoming wedding. That has to be super-exciting!!!
    As for the ‘CrossFit’ problem… welcome to the community. You truly haven’t become a part until you hit that ‘wall’.
    Good news is it’s easy to get over…
    Bad news is… it will happen a couple more times. Remember, in CrossFit you will ALWAYS be learning a new skill.
    My suggestion is to take a break. At least until after your wedding. Get your head straight. You have so much going on in that head of yours that using your brain to sharpen your skills just may not be in the cards until you clear your head from some stress (ergo… get married!!!)
    Second, get back to basics. Make sure you have that shit mastered.
    And finally, do a skill that you know you can do.. and repeat it for a while. Gain the self-confidence in a known skill before you move on to the unknown.

    Best of luck.

    -Oh, and have a freakin’ blast at your wedding!!!

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