Monthly Measurements

Monthly Measurements

December 12, 2013

Well, I was pleasantly surprised when I did my measurements today after two months, I’ve worked off over 9.2 cm since October..I didn’t lose them, I worked them off in the gym!  As I posted in October, I had been on a bit of an #IdowhatIwant bender for a few months and wasn’t really taking care of my body or what I put into it.  For the last two months, I’ve been a bit more focused, not obsessively so, but definitely eating paleo and trying to make better food choices. It has been hard and there have been some days where I haven’t been as good to myself as I would like but overall, things are improving. And this has shown up in the measurements.

I’m especially happy about the reduction around the paunch area as this is what is making all my clothes not fit.  Yay!!!

Measurement table Dec 2013

October 18, 2013
I really didn’t want to post these numbers. In fact, I have been avoiding even doing measurements since July. I have really been struggling with eating in a healthy way. Essentially I just started eating all of the carbs I possibly could…for 3+ months. We also went on a total of 6 weeks holiday where I did almost no Crossfit. I think I should be clear here, this wasn’t a matter of just going a little less strict on Paleo, it – was a “I should be able to eat whatever I want to without consequences” phase. But my routine is back on track now, so it’s been a bit easier to choose to eat healthier. Am back to Paleo and regular cf workouts. I will keep updating – hopefully a bit more consistently and hopefully we’ll see a trend in the other direction!
Measurement table Oct 2013

Update July 1:
So here are my updated measurements for end of June. As you can see, my numbers have gone up substantially and so much so that I can’t just blame it on gaining muscle. I had quite a tough month being healthy in June, just a lot of travel and really not eating well. I’ve started weighing myself again because I think it made me less disciplined to not to do it. Will post more about this in the main section of the blog.
Measurement table end June 2013

From May 2013:
As we all know, scales are *ssholes. So effective May 2013, I am only using measurements to determine progress. I will take measurements at the beginning of each month and post them here. Previously I had been weighing myself as well, but I don’t think I’m going to do that anymore. Am trying to move away from success or failure resting on a number determined by a schizophrenic digital sh*thead with evil intentions. (I love my’s a very healthy relationship.)

Measurements table May 2013

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