My first Crossfit Team Competition (or wtf is a Zou Zou?)

Team Zou Zou Swiss Challenge Aug 2013
There are many reasons to do a Crossfit Competition (for example see: 8 reason you should do a Crossfit Competition but the number one reason is….it is just a sh*t ton of fun!

On Saturday I participated in my first Crossfit competition, the Swiss Team Challenge.  The Swiss Team Challenge is a team competition for mixed teams of 4. Boxes all across Switzerland do the challenge at the same time and it consists of 6 WODs (that were, to be honest, a little bit CRAZY!). When my Box posted the competition, I didn’t think I would participate. I really didn’t feel like I was ready. I felt like I would hold any team back with my slowness in the metcons and, probably the biggest reason of all, I didn’t want to embarass myself…and the list goes on and on. (I’ve had a lifetime of practice in making excuses. Seriously, I could have majored in Excuses in University).

Enter the best thing about Crossfit – the people. I was talking about my reasons for not signing up with my friend, Van-the-Great, who essentially told me I was being silly. He then said we should start a team. I was estatic and terrified – estatic because I think that secretly I really wanted to do the competition and terrified because Van-the-great is well, pretty great at Crossfit. F*ck it. I signed up.

Then we got two more members for our team including our secret weapon J. Not only is J a great crossfitter, he also has a lot of energy (like Energizer Bunny lot of energy). Big Mo made up the fourth member of our team. I think Mo joined Crossfit around the time that I did, so it was really nice to share the experience with someone with the same level of Crossfit experience as me (though he can lift a lot more than I can).

We named our team “Les Zous Zous”. Honestly, I’m a bit fuzzy on the reason behind this, as the team told it to me before my slight (HA!) hangover had completely faded.  But it’s a word that J taught us and one that is now part of my regular Crossfit vocabulary and part of an awesome Crossfit memory.

Team Zou Zou did fantastically. In fact, we finished 13th out of a total of 60 teams. Not too bad if I do say so myself.  Other teams from our box did really well, finishing 4th and 5th in the Regular level and 8th in the Firebreather level (i.e the Don’t try this at home level).

In the end, I’m so glad that I did the competition. And, yes, while I was definitely slower than my teammates (who are all rockstars!), I didn’t feel embarrassed, I was having too much fun…and/or just trying to breathe.

So to end this post, here is some quick advice for anyone thinking of doing their first crossfit competition:

  1. DO IT!
  2. Join a team with someone who doesn’t might if you kinda suck. (high five to Van-the-Great!)
  3. Read the full description of the competition (otherwise you might think there are only 2 WODs and be somewhat surprised when there are 4 more left).
  4. Bring snacks! You’re going to get hungry and other people’s snacks start to look very attractive…but after the 3rd WOD you won’t be quick enough to sneak some of theirs when they aren’t looking.
  5. I might recommend not going out with your co-workers for an extended wine night the night before….Bedtime is not 4 a.m. Do you think Camille Leblanc-Bazinet goes to bed at 4 a.m. before the Crossfit Games?!? (Actually, she probably does, because she’s like 20 years old – if you’re not..go to bed.)
  6. When it seems like the Over-the-bar-burpees will never end and like you are going to trip over the bar on the next jump. Stop, take a deep breath, and jump. They do end, and you probably won’t fall.  And even if you did…nobody will care – they’ll just tell you to get up – because every rep counts.

Team Zou Zou forever!!!

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