New Pull-Up program!!!

What I have realized this week is that there isn’t going to be some “Cue the Rocky Music, we’ve got ourselves a montage…” moment in my quest for the pull-up.  There’s no fast forward to catchy tunes where all of my pain looks like a dignified quest for greatness. Nope. What there is going to be is me standing under that bar, willing my hands to go up to do just one more banded pull-up than yesterday. There will be days where I get that pull-up, and days where I don’t (MOTHERFR*CKER <— if you don’t get the reference to the word “frack”, watch the show Battlestar Gallactica…you can thank me later, no really, you can – I accept presents).

As you know, progress on my pull-up has been slow (see here for a summary of my efforts). And I’ve been feeling a little lost as to what to do to break through the plateau I’ve been on where I make progress and then backslide, make progress, then get my point. I’ve been feeling a bit like Cinderella, watching all the other girls at my gym get their pull-ups, while I stay behind in the same old, same old. (FYI, I googled Cinderella images for this blog post – utterly terrifying. I am never having girl children….if I do, they are watching nothing but Crossfit videos until they are 20. End of story.).

crying cinderellaLike any good hard luck tale – enter the fairy godfather! (Hey, it’s my story #IdowhatIwant).

Our gym has its resident “Strongman”, who, for the purposes of this blog, we shall call the Big Easy, (because he’s big and his name starts with an E – that’s all I’ve got this morning people..I’m only 2 coffees in).  The Big Easy has been witnessing my ongoing struggles with the pull-up (my problem with the pull-up is everyone  in the gym’s problem with the pull-up – I’m rather vocal in my discontent).  So, he proposed a pull-up program for me, based on a program designed by Pavel Tsatsouline (don’t be impressed by my knowledge, I had to cut and paste the name from Big Easy’s email).  So starting last week, I have been on my new pull-up program, the first 30 days are shown in the pic below.

Pull Up Program October 2013

I’m doing the program starting with double purple bands. You might remember, I started using a green band coupled with a purple band for metcons recently. So we are building on that.

The first week, was hard.  I’m keeping track of how things are going and how I’m feeling about progress on the Tracking the Pull-Up page  but to summarize, I did okay until the last day (Day 5 above) where I failed on the 5th rep in the set of 6.  I definitely struggle with this amount of pull-ups, but I’ve been mostly (apart from that one incident) making all the reps so it has been encouraging. I did notice that without at least 3 mins of rest between the sets, the next set is a struggle (like wrestling a crocodile level of struggle…why do people wrestle crocodiles anyway? I don’t get it).  I should also probably make sure I take a rest day between the cycles. Yesterday was my rest day…I did a Crossfit Competition at my gym.  I don’t think I’ve quite mastered the rest part of the rest day yet.  On the other hand..I PR’ed my 11kg (approx 23 lbs) to 121kg (268 lbs).  I also got on the Leaderboard again. It’s been a while.

Yup! This happened. New deadlift PR.

So I enter in week 2 of the pull-up program slightly optimitic but not cocky – I already failed a rep and it was the first week. But I definitely feel much better having a plan and having someone I am accountable to at the end of the day. It definitely makes skipping out of pull-up practice much more difficult.

Your turn: What are you doing to get or improve your pull-up?


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  1. Rae says:

    Thanks, it felt great to get back on the Board. I am doing the pull-ups strict. So far so good. Am really happy to have some structure. Pull-ups are my nemesis as is almost anything body weight related. Congrats on your half marathon. You are far braver than I am!

  2. jennifer says:

    Love this idea, and maybe will institute it myself!

    Are you kipping on these? Or strict?

    AND.. awesome PR!!!

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