No rest for the wicked…but for the over-trained…yes…

Over the course of the next four days, I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a long time…I’m going to take a break. Not from work, not from socializing, but from Crossfit. I’ve been reading a lot recently on the importance of occassionally resting your body to improve your performance in the long term. It doesn’t really make sense to me – how can I improve if I’m not working on improving? But then again, I’m not an expert – just slightly obsessed.

Recently, probably due to the pull up work, my right shoulder has developed a slight ache. It still allows me to function and I can do the WODs but it aches enough that I know that, perhaps, kinda, I just might have overdone it. G, my partner/boyfriend/best friend type person also hurt his wrist (ASK ME HOW, ASK ME HOW!!!! – okay if you insist – riding a mechanical bull while at a work conference. (Fall on floor laughing). He did really well – I watched the video. I was proud. Therefore, it seems as good a time as any. Also, we are going away for the weekend so it will be that much harder for me to sneak down to the Box and do a WOD under the cover of darkness (Crossfit ninja, anyone?).

But so you know, I’m dying. Already. It’s been a day. Just knowing I won’t be going for four days has activated crippling self doubt, fears of losing all my progress and just generally wondering what I will do with myself – since I can’t remember what I used to do for fun before Crossfit. Also, the WOD looks awesome today. On weekends it’s always team WODs and they are usually just a bit more intense than the normal WODs. G and I tear them up…sometimes. Other times, it’s not pretty and we spend the rest of the day collapsed on the couch – if we make it that far – wondering why we do this to ourselves.

Here is the article that has inspired my recent decision to rest: I had been starting to think that I need to do more, be more, add in some kind of fancy tricks to see the progress I wanted. Perhaps that’s not the answer. Perhaps the answer is to unplug, take it easy for a couple of days and go get a massage. I don’t know but it probably won’t hurt me to find out.

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