Paleo ice cream makes me happy!

After 5.5 weeks of holidays in a 7 week period, my routine and my life has been a bit off track. So with our return home, G and I are trying to focus on eating healthier and getting back into regular Crossfit.  However, after 7 weeks of sugar filled treats, it is hard to think about putting those aside for a while.  To help with transitioning back to the life of a crossfit bad*ss, sometimes you need some treats. And treats I had.

One night, during one of my verges-on-stalking internet trolls for Crossfit blogs, I made two great discoveries in one night.

First, I came across a great blog called to Wine to Weightlifting about another woman’s life with crossfit.  Since this time, I have really enjoyed reading her blog…even if she has started training for a half  marathon which, as you know, I equate running long distance with the early onset of obvious insanity. (Just kidding WTW!! – you’re awesome).

It was here that I found what is now a household staple. Paleo Ice Cream.

Tonight, I made it with pineapple and strawberry which I think is my favorite flavour so far. It helped end my first day back at work, where I had to work late and miss crossfit class (and it was the press, d*mmit!!!!!). I like being able to eat a dessert that I know isn’t going to negatively affect my lifts the next day..5 and half weeks of holiday is what is going to hurt my lifts tomorrow…it doesn’t need any help…

Yummy, yummy goodness!


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