Pull-up Update: After 2 weeks of the Full Circle Pull-Up Program

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Well All, it’s that time again.  I only have time for a quick update as my boss does tend to like it if I show up to work within the same hemisphere as “on time” (I’m chronically late, I think it’s charming…). 

As you might know, I switched up my pull-up program two weeks ago to start doing the Full Circle pull-up program. At that time, I tested my one rep max and could get a pull-up with the black band and just a quarter of the way up on the red band.  Unfortunately I have no visual evidence of this testing, but trust me, I wasn’t moving very far on the red.

So last night I tested my 1RM again with the red band.  I could definitely get higher, but I still need to kick in order to get close to the bar. This time I do have video evidence and from now on, I will try to video when I do the testing each week so you can all see my brilliant (but oh-so-slow) progress.

(I never said I was a film maker…this is the best I could do pre my second coffee this morning)

For those of you interested, my shirt says “Lift Heavy, Cuddle Hard” and it’s adorbs! I got it at the European Regionals…. yup, but there will be more on that in another post.

Since my 1RM has increased, I have changed around the resistance that I will be using for the next two weeks.  For the next cycle, I will be using:

Will see you back here in two weeks with another update.  In the meantime..keep hitting that bar!

3 Responses to “ Pull-up Update: After 2 weeks of the Full Circle Pull-Up Program ”

  1. Chris says:

    You’re gonna be flying over that bar soon! Love the progression and the video was a nice touch this time! I have 100 of those pull-ups to do this weekend with Murph. I’ve been practicing mine too with negatives and seeing how long I can jump up and hold my head over the bar.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Haha.. cute video, Rae!

    Have you considered working with a thicker band and getting higher? Like more C2B?

    Right now, on my quest for my muscle-up, my coach has me doing strict C2B (and can I honestly say how humbling it is to use the band that is like 2-3″ thick?! Idk how big it is, but it’s the biggest one we got. Anyway, I do all my sets on those. But.. in doing so, my strict chin-over-bar pull-ups have gotten so much stronger!! Just another idea to toss out there! 🙂

    Keep it up, chickie!

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