Recipes I like

Recipes I like


Sweet Potato Breakfast cookies

These are great for a quick breakfast or snack.

Make-Ahead No Oatsmeal from Paleo Mama

Great alternative to eggs in the morning.

Bacon and egg breakfast cups

These are my husband’s favorite.


Jamie Oliver Sweet Potato and Chorizo Soup

Fabulous soup recipe.

Garam Masala Meatballs by Jes Liao

Made these on 5 May, 2013. Absolutely delish. Her blog is a good read too. Totally an amazing crossfit chick!

Paleo Pad Thai by Jes Liao

Made this on 6 May and had for lunch on 7 May. Again delicious! Honestly, I’m going to try all her recipes.


Chorizo-stuffed dates wrapped in Bacon from Paleo Table

I have made these about 5 or 6 times and always get requests to bring them when I’m invited to parties. In fact, I have been told I can only come if I bring these dates.  I found them last year when I was hosting a paleo Thanksgiving and they’ve recently been re-posted on Paleo0-Table. Do not hesitate to make these, they are a hit!

Paleo Ice Cream by Wine to Weightlifting

Been making this Paleo Ice cream now. Ingredients are easy but takes a bit of time to do in the blender. Results are absolutely worth it!

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