Shiz just got real…a.k.a the barbell step up

Chapter 1 vs chapter 20 resizeThere comes a time in a crossfitter’s life when you start to think that “yes, I may be all that and a bag of chips”. When you start to believe that you really are a BAMF (Bad*ss Motherf*cker). Let’s say, hypothetically (it’s me!! it’s me!!) that you can deadlift 100 kg (220 lbs), your backsquat is highly respectable, you can press enough to be just under the leaderboard at the Box – and when people compliment your biceps, they aren’t just being nice. At this stage, you’ve started to think “I’ve got this”. I am the next Jenny Labaw (love her!), or Camille Leblanc-Bazinet (only if you’re short..and super hot…looking at you, Nathalie J.!!).

I’m not going to lie to you. I had hit this point – even fantasizing that I could get five unbroken purple banded pullups by the end of May – when the barbell step up re-entered my world. This was not the first time I had encountered the barbell step up, but I thought I’d had it figured it out. You see – the 20″ box was just too high, so I moved down to a small box with a 20kg bumper and was able to go up to 35kg. However, today, Coach Dan, just said no. He said no to the small box. We argued with him – my co-crossfit chicas and I – we couldn’t keep our form at that height – he said no again – we couldn’t lift heavier weights – he said no again. What were we to do? He said “go lighter”. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTT? Apparently, range of motion on the barbell step-up is more important than lifting heavier.

Having to take weight off the bar is a humbling experience. I had to go down to 20 kg (44lbs) – a 15kg reduction. But, you know what? D*mned if Coach Dan wasn’t right – going down in weight, but doing the full motion was the better option. It reminded me that Crossfit, like so many other things, is a journey and you have to do the work..all of it, to get where you are going. And you don’t get to skip steps. And it made me excited – because I still have so far to go and so many new things to learn.

Where will I be in 280 days when the Crossfit Open starts? Will I be able to do a pull up? Who knows? But one thing I do know..I will be able to do a barbell step up on a 20″ box…maybe even with 35kg on my back.

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