Stay-puft marshmallow me! (The downside of vacation)

imageAnyway you slice it, coming back from vacation sucks. It involves getting over jet lag, going back to work..and trying to fit into your jeans. Honestly what happens in my head that I think I can eat whatever I want on vacation and there will be no consequences?

I went on a two week vacation in what could be called “the land of carbohydrates” if the brochure was based on what I ate. Most of it was delicious, most of it I enjoyed. But, did I enjoy it enough to pay the price I paid when I got home?

What is the price you ask? (Ladies, get out your hankies, this sad story may sound familiar)

First, not one but two pairs of jeans refused to do up. I could blame this on my ginormous bad*ss currently-doing-the-hatch-squatting-program thighs but I think we are going to have blame this on the bagels.

This I could have lived with without too much remorse (ok, with a bucketload of remorse but a manageable one). But the absolute worst (for a budding crossfitter with the Open rapidly approaching) has happened.

Pull-up backslide! (Insert Wilhelm scream here)

During today’s WOD we had 5×5 chin ups. Those of you following my quest for the pull-up know that I recently got back up to being able to 4*6 chin ups.

WWwwwwwweeeelllllllllllllll…..I could not do 3×5 today. I literally could not lift my post-vacay, may have gone to McDonald’s a time or two, *ss one more time!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is worth losing my pull-up progress this close to the Open. I am actually shuddering like a cold chihuahua at the thought of the work I am going to have to do to get back to just where I was, let alone closer to the pull up.

Sigh, I’m so depressed….you know what would be really good right now? M&Ms. I kid, I kid. It’s back to the paleo life for me.

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  1. jennifer says:

    Stay positive, girl! You’ll get it right back!! :)

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