Staying focused for the Crossfit Open

22 days leftWith only 22 days left before the Open, I have two equally strong and opposite thoughts running through my head:

1) I need to do MORE – go more often, stay longer, work harder and

2) I can stop trying – with the Open so close, am I really going to make any progress towards my distant goals?

Every morning when I get up and every night when I go to bed I have this discussion with myself (yes, I am obsessed with Crossfit and yes, I talk to myself – don’t judge).

I had hoped to have made more progress by this time.  If you remember when I set my big-*ssed goals back in May 2013, I had some fairly lofty – but what I thought were totally achievable (minus one) goals.

May 2013 – Goals for the Crossfit Open 2014

Number One STRICT PULL UP. I can currently do 2 unbroken with a black band…

Number Two: 50 DOUBLE UNDERS UNBROKEN Max is still 31 consecutive double unders – why oh why must these be so hard?

Number Three: get my weights up to where I can lift the weights they did in the Crossfit Open. I guess this means a 45kg snatch for now. (currently 32.5kg) This is probably the area where I have made the most gains, I can do many of the lifts at the Open weights. for the snatch I’m at 37.5 kg but its a full snatch and not a hang snatch like I was doing before.

Number 4: TOES TO BAR I can do a few of these – not strung together and they are not really something you’d like to see if you just ate, but d*mmit, my toes hit that bar.

Number 5: MUSCLE UP – Let’s be honest, I never really thought I would get this one.

So as you can see, I haven’t really achieved my goals and this brings us to the second train of thought – if I haven’t achieved my goals by now, why not stop chasing them since I will never make them in time for the Open.

Looking for an image about quitting, brought me to this relevant post by Crossfit Aggieland

This one is the easiest one to discard, and I’ll tell you why —> (let me don my guru on the mountain hat for this) because I have worked d*mn hard up until now and I want to do the best that I can at the Open, if I stop pushing now I will never know how well I could do.  Secondly, Crossfit doesn’t end when the Open is done, I will hit these goals, maybe not as soon as I would have liked, but I will hit everyone of them (yes, even the muscle up, doubters!) one day.

So, if giving up is not an option, I should do more, right? Wrong! I am currently going to Crossfit 4-5 times a week – doing the competitors program designed for people entering the Open, staying late to do a pull-up program and eating healthy (ok, only like 90% of the time, but it still counts), I’m focused on sleeping better and avoiding stress.  If I do more, yes, I could probably make a bit more progress but I also run the risk of burning out before the Open, or injuring my fragile, delicate (HA! I am a BEAST!) self.

At some point, you have to say, this is good enough, what I am doing is good enough..and stay the course.  As the end gets closer it is so tempting to want to change things up, but this, I guess, is where the mental discipline that I learned while not giving up and collapsing in a pile during death by burpees comes into play.

I will stay the course…and I will not give up.

What about you, what do you do to stay on track as the goal date gets closer and closer?

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