Sunday’s Short-term Goals

short term goals on chalkboardLast week I started setting short-term weekly goals because I was feeling overwhelmed by all the big goals that I had…I needed to be able to check off some boxes to feel like I was actually getting somewhere. This actually worked out pretty well.  I achieved most of the goals so actually overall feel good about the week.

Update on last weeks goals:

  1. Go to Crossfit 4x this week (and don’t half*ss the metcons) ✓ Went M,Tu,F,Sun
  2. Do my pull-up program 4x this week. ✓ Did this..and didn’t fail at a single rep.
  3. Eat home cooked food at least 3x for lunch (i.e. no buying yummy cafeteria steak) and dinner this week (M-F). Honestly, lunch at our work cafeteria costs 20 dollars. This adds up over a month.  I could by a lot of BAMR bands for that. And they just released their new Christmas line so….. ✓ Did this…and ordered 6 new BAMR bands to celebrate.
  4. Try to get a least 4 hours of sleep a night (I’m an insomniac – this would be incredible). Partial I think I got this about 4/7 nights, so not great but not terrible.
  5. Do one 30 minute session on my treadmill at home, either walking or running just to get back into the habit…and justify the ludicrous amount of money that I spent on something I haven’t used since starting crossfit. Did not achieve – I didn’t do this, I had lots of opportunity but I just didn’t want to – it felt like I was adding in another thing and I don’t want to add in any additional things to focus on until I get the pull-up. One of my goals for next week should be to not forget that I said I wouldn’t add in new exercise stuff.
  6. Begin the development of my Crossfit spotify list…I want to make a Crossfit Spotify mix that is full of songs that inspire women to go harder during metcons.  While I am a fan of the gangster rap, 80s hair band, death metal mix that my gym has going on.  Every now and then I want to hear something that makes me feel like a bad*ss chick. All suggestions welcome. In progress – started on this and have some great songs by Bjork, Bif Naked, Hole, Garbage and Juliette and the Licks but am definitely looking for more songs, so keep the ideas coming…honestly without help the mix will be full of Britney and Christina Aquilera songs…I’m not joking.

This week’s goals:

So an interesting thing happened last week when G read this post (he reads all my blogs because he’s the most awesome person ever!!).  He told me that he thought the short-term goals were a good idea (he’s familiar with my rather short attention span) but that I had put down too many.  He said 6 seems like alot.  I thought that was a bit strange really, I mean, I’m a professional woman with a relationship and friends and hobbies and responsibilities, I’m used to having a million things on the go at once. I could handle 6 short term goals!! But he is right.  I think as women, we always think we need to be struggling and working hard and yes, feeling like we are failing, in order to feel like we are succeeding. That probably doesn’t make any sense, but hey, it’s my blog and I reserve the right to say things that don’t make sense. It will happen again..embrace it.

These short-term goals are things I do for me, to make me feel better – having too many of them makes it more likely that I won’t be able to achieve them all and completely defeat the purpose of having them. So I’m knocking it down to my top 3 this week.

This is the Big Easy talking to Van the Great at our gym's Hallowe'en party.

1. Go to Crossfit at least 4x.

2. Do my pull-up program at least 4x. As a side note, my pull-up coach, The Big Easy, was at the gym today. Talk about being nervous!!! What if he told me I was doing them all wrong and had to start again?!? – yes, this really did go through my head. He didn’t. In fact we are going to move to a single purple band next week when I’m done this 4th cycle.  The initial plan was for 5-5day cycles but we’re going to move ahead and skip the 5th one.  I’ve also added in 3 negatives at the end – ouch.

3. Go grocery shopping before we run out of food and have to order delivery.  No delivery food this week full stop.

That’s them. They aren’t lofty or even overly ambitious but if I do them, I feel like I will have achieved something this week.



What about you? What are your short-term goals?…also what are some good songs for my Spotify Crossfit Playlist?

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  1. jennifer says:

    Nice job hitting some goals this week!! Pull-ups is the important one and you nailed it! 🙂

    Idk if this can count as a good lifting song, but I am obsessing over Ke$ha and Pitbull’s new song, Timber.. <3

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