Telling myself crossfit lies….

If you had asked me in May, how often I crossfit each week, I would have said 5 times – without any hesitation. And I would have been lying. Not intentionally, I really did think I was going 5x a week. It felt like I was going 5x a week..and in April I was.But in May, life got in the way. And the good kind of life, not the kind of life that you can beat yourself up in the shower for missing crossfit over, but the good kind of life – life worth missing crossfit for (GASP!!).

Plus there was a 5 day period where I decided to take a break from crossfit in order to let my shoulder rest…and there was the Bachelorette party (not mine) in Madrid that involved lifting many things but they were usually a lovely deep red colour and came in lovely shaped glasses (wine, in case you didn’t guess – vermout to be exact – marvellous drink..which they don’t sell at Madrid airport duty free shops..why?? I don’t know – it’s was a mystery to my friends and I who thought that a bottle for the plane sounded like a good idea…I did mention it was a bachelorette party right?).

However this meant there was only one week in May (last week) where I actually went 5x in a week. Which may explain why I don’t feel like I made a lot of progress in May..some yes, not a lot. On the crossfit highway, my progress could be equated with that feeling where you think you might have run over something, but the bump wasn’t loud enough for you to stop and check. (I would stop and check anyway because I’m terrified that I might one day run over a raccoon. I love raccoons. I love their cute little masks and pointy cat looks like a raccoon..but I digress). In fact, in May I only went 3-4x a week on average.

This is going to change in June. For June, G and I have switched to 5days on, 2 days off as recommended by the Crossfit elite people (or rather the Crossfit training guide – download it here). So far we’re trying a M-F motif with weekends off, because hey who doesn’t like weekends off? (I don’t. I always see the weekend workout and then want to go – sometimes G agrees, other times he tries to smother me with a pillow. Really – it can go either way).

We’re halfway through week 2 of this regimen. So far so good. I feel okay after the workouts, which may be due to the Creatine or just my innate bad*ssness. Although yesterday’s WOD was a giant ball of suck. “Death by Burpees”. Gack! I got to 10 which is what I was targeting as endurance and body weight exercises aren’t my thing – the press is, which was the strength component so it balanced out my need to throw myself in traffic when I read the WOD.

I also made it up to 20 pull ups (4×5) on the green band on Monday so that’s progress and 18 chin ups (purple band) in 10 mins (up from 14) on Tuesday. So these balanced out the wheezing noise I started making around the 7 min mark of the metcon yesterday.

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