The Diet Dragons are in my head again…..

Let me tell you my worst kept secret: I want to be a d*mn good crossfitter – not great – just d*mn good. I want to lift heavy, do strict push ups and pull ups and one day even master the pistol. This is my personal quest – crossfit competency.

And I’m getting better – I really am (5×5 pull ups on the green band last night!!). But I struggle. I struggle because I’m simply carrying too much fat to do some of the WODs optimally. This isn’t a “poor me” statement, I’m not down on myself. The truth of the matter is however, that things would be easier if more of my chubbies were muscles. I’ve been working hard and the fat has slowly been coming off. That has stalled recently, however, and I’m trying to kick-start progress again.

diet dragonsThis has started some rather entertaining (unless you’re me) back and forthing in my head. There’s a large part of me that wants to return to strict dieting (I lost 10kg on Atkins), but I made a promise to myself about 2 months ago that I wouldn’t do restrictive dieting anymore. I made this promise to myself after hearing the story of a colleague’s daughter who has become bulimic at the age of 14 because she (who is German) wants to look like her classmates (who are French). I found that story tragic. I wanted to find this girl and bring her to Crossfit, where having a broad shoulders and strong legs is an asset and where all body types have their advantages. But I couldn’t do that because teenagers respond strangely to people they don’t know and frankly I’m afraid of teenagers. I don’t think they bite but I’m not willing to put myself on the line to prove it. :) . I can’t bring that girl to Crossfit, but I can think about the example that I set for her by strict dieting and hyperfocusing on a number on a scale.

So no more weekly (okay- daily) weigh-ins and no more fad dieting. This is hard. I have been doing this for a very long time. But I’m a crossfitter now and I don’t have time for that bullsh*t.

So I’m not dieting. I still eat Paleo because it is the optimal way to eat for crossfit results (IMHO). But I still do need to optimize my body in order to perform better at crossfit. So, I’ve added running (jogging..slowly) back into my programming (tee hee – I don’t have programming, I do what they tell me to do at the Box).

So far I’ve been running 3x this week. I. still. hate. it.

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