The Great Pull Up Update

As you know, one of my goals to get a strict pull up before the Crossfit Open in 294 days. Well, to be honest, I’d like to get a series of strict pull ups before the Crossfit Open so I could actually do them should they come up in a WOD. This will not be an easy task. The reason – I got junk in the trunk. Yup, I am, to put it nicely, heavy :) . In order to do a pull up, I have to move a lot of weight from the ground, over the bar. But I will do it. I’ve read a lot of blogs on this topic and the truth seems to me – if you want it, you’ve got to work for it. Sigh, why does nothing come as easily as chocolate? You go to the store, you buy your chocolate and presto! happiness. There should be a pull up store…which should also carry sit ups…and double unders..and..but I digress. Back to working for my pull up. My plan: Progression. Yup, am not reinventing the wheel or coming up with an amazing new style that will make me millions. Am just going to slowly but surely work my way through the bands.

In August 2012 I could not do a single pull up with any of the bands including the giant blue band which looked like I was lifting myself with a tire – seriously, it is that thick.
In November 2012 I got my first pull up with the giant Blue Band – I kept it cool at the Box, but inside, I felt like a Rock Star!
In January 2013 I moved to the green band
Then in April 2013 I got my first pull up with the purple band. The purple band is the one I consider legit. Purple means you are marching on the end goal. So I got my first purple pull up at the beginning of April…and then couldn’t get another one for about a week. Then it was sporadic at best for the month of April.

This meant I needed to find a different approach. Now, on the advice of my friend Mera – who is a Boss! at the Box – I am now doing progressions to get to my next goal of 5 purple pullups unbroken. What this means that at the end of each WOD, no matter how shattered I am, I do 5 pull ups with the purple band, one each minute. Currently I can do 2 strict and 2 with a small kip at the end and then an epic fail on the 5th. But my plan is to 1) get all five strict (spaced out over 5 minutes), 2) string 2 together…then 3, then 4…then 5. I will only be able to move to the black (and final) band once I can do 10 strict purple unbroken.

Mera, and Coach Jon, have both advised that I should be doing chin ups. The issue with this, as I have mentioned before, is that I consider chin ups distinctly unsexy and therefore avoid doing them whenever possible. However, it is most likely that both Mera and Coach Jon know more about this topic than I do :) . Therefore I may alternate between pull ups and its less attractive wingman – the chin up.

Wish me luck. I will periodically update on progress.


LOL: Update: Mera calls the Chin Up “the poor, unattractive cousin of the hot and sexy pull up…” which is how it will be known going forward on this blog. Thanks Mera!!

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