The other fabulous things that Crossfit gives me

It’s been a while since my last post and I’m going to be brutally honest – I’m fed the f*ck up with Crossfit at the moment.  It’s been tough going recently and, even though we have moved to a bigger and better gym, I just can’t seem to pull my sh*t together.  My pull-ups have been terrible, I haven’t PR’ed in about 10 years and all my gym buddies are working out at different times now (or have left town – you know who you are!!).

I’ve still been going, but my heart just hasn’t been in it.  And that made be really sad because, as you know, I love Crossfit. I love my gym and I love my online Crossfit blogging community and I miss feeling connected to both of them.

I realized today that I have been focusing on all the things that Crossfit isn’t giving me right now (like a pull-up D*MMIT!!), instead of all the things that it has given me.

A lot of what Crossfit has given me has been outside of the gym.  And the fact that I forgot the utter fabulousness of that is an insult to all things fabulous.  So I want to spend a few minutes giving a shout out to the amazing, non-muscle developing, non-paleo, non-crossfit-open, things that Crossfit has given me.

What’s that? Some pretty awesome friendships!  I share wine and daily online chats (the chats are daily, the wine…well, okay…that’s almost daily too) with some amazing women.  These are the kind of friendships where you share a full body I-missed-you-so-much-hug when one of your former gymmates, who moved out of town, drops back in for a workout.

hugging montse

I don’t know who took that picture, but I love it. It captures how unbelievably happy I was to see my beautiful friend M.

Speaking of M and friendships, M & I are part of another group together.  We each are part of a couple that got engaged over the Christmas holiday last year.  I could hardly believe it, but four couples at our gym got engaged in a very short period of time.  You know what this means? That’s right…Champagne Party!!!!!!

So last week, we threw a joint Crossfit Engagement party where we celebrated our happy news with all our Crossfit friends. The house was flowing with laughter, love and, of course, bottle after bottle of champagne.  It was amazing to be able to share this with 3 women that I admire and respect (and, let’s be honest, lift heavier than – heh, heh, challenge.issued!)

las chicas

I love these women!! (I’m on the right being attacked by my own hair)

So while Crossfit might not be going my way right now, I know that every minute that I have to put my head down and just push through until I find my mojo again is worth it.  Not just for the muscles…or the bad*ss street cred…but for the amazing friendships that don’t end when you put the barbell down.

These were the centerpieces at our engagement party.


6 Responses to “ The other fabulous things that Crossfit gives me ”

    1. Beki says:

      Rae, I love that you are focusing on the fabulous! Sometimes that is all it takes to get us out of a rut! I can’t wait to read about your Open experience!

        • Rae says:

          Thanks Beki! I can’t believe that the Open starts this week – it seemed so far away when I started this journey! Good luck to you too!

    1. jennifer says:

      Oh, Rae.. we all have these kinds of thoughts with Crossfit!! I had a period where my old “clique” kinda got broken up after one girl moved out of state and I became disconnected from the few people that made me feel like my best self. But now I have a new group of ladies that are amazing and supportive and it’s back to being awesome.

      This funk will pass.. and yes, absolutely focus on what you have GAINED not what you have LOST!

      And even if you aren’t at that pull-up yet, I mean really, look how far you have come!!

      Check out other aspects, too.. are you sleeping enough? Eating enough? Recovering, stretching, mobilizing enough?

      There is ALWAYS something more that you can do; but still love that you have one main focus and you ARE getting better!

        • Rae says:

          Thanks Jennifer, this week was a bit better. We’ve just had a lot of changes with a new gym and people leaving, but am slowly finding my motivation again. Just needed to buckle down and muscle through.

          As a side, have downloaded your podcast “Single and Sweaty” and it will accompany on my 5K rows this week. Can’t wait!

    1. mera says:

      sorry for leaving… i miss you, too! 🙁

      ps. i love that i have to do a math problem to prove that i am human so i can post a comment. 🙂

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