Travel Blog: CiC goes to Playa del Carmen, Mexico

mapFirst off, I just want to clarify that Thrusters in Spanish is still Thrusters and they still suck. Whoever invented Thrusters should be beaten over the head with their own leg.  Also, if you are friends with people that make you do said Thrusters while on holiday, you may need to reconsider this friendship. Like Facebook block reconsider.

But I digress.

To bid adieu to 2016 (seriously, would this year end already?!?) G and I joined our friends Torben and Montse (who will now be referred to as Lady M on CiC) on their annual holiday to Playa del Carmen Mexico. The idea of a week lying in the sun, drinking Margaritas and eating Mexican food was too hard to pass up. So we booked ourselves into an all inclusive resort (the Royal Playa del Carmen) committed to sunning ourselves in absolute bliss for a week.

Torben and Lady M, who arrived a few days before us, had other plans…..

This was their 3rd visit to Playa del Carmen and that had already established a “regular” Crossfit gym where they would go every day at 8 or 10 a.m. They even looked forward to it – the weirdos. 

Come to Crossfit, they said. It will be fun, they said. Just like the old days in CrossfitGVA, they said. Let me be clear, your friends lie. They lie and they make you do horrible things to your body.

Here’s where I should have been:

feet drink

But noooooooooo, instead I find myself at Crossfit Circus at 10 a.m. on a sweltering Mexican morning. (The gym is air conditioned so my complaints about the heat are really just whining.)

We met up with Torben and Lady M and Torben’s lovely sister, Saskia (awesome name btw…). 

The WOD looked deceptively easy. We had agreed to this day based on the promise of back squats.

Every 2min for 10min
2 Back squat @ 85%

For time
5 leg less rope climbs
15 thruster 115/75lbs
4 leg less
12 thruster
3 leg less
9 thruster
2 leg less
6 thruster
1 leg less
3 Thruster

And as promised – after some unsuccessful attempts to convert pounds to kilos and the use of an emergency calculator – the back squats were awesome. Could have done them all day…would have done them all day if I’d known what was coming.

I can’t do a rope climb, let alone a legless rope climbs, so I had no idea what I would do. The coach, Luis, showed us a great progression for rope climbs where you lie on the ground and pull yourself up to a standing position, using the rope. Like progression number 2 in this video. I had never done these before and I have to say, they are a great way to scale a rope climb while still feeling a little bit bad*ss.

I confess when I looked at the metcon, I did think to myself, the thrusters won’t be so bad, I’m strong, I can handle it. I think I should Rx it. Then I got over myself and scaled the weight down to 55 lbs (25kg). (Thank Jesus!).

As always, I planned my approach to the metcon before I started – because I’m obsessed with pacing, and not dying. My plan was to break each set into 3. So it went like this – 5 thrusters, put the bar down – gasp,-gasp, pick up bar, 5 more, – more gasping, 5 more – elation at having finished. Quickly do rope climb progression – so easy after the thrusters. 4 thrusters – put bar down – reconsider existence and life priorities, pick bar up, remember to breathe, 4 more thrusters – put bar down, gasp, try to figure out how I ever became friends with Torben and Lady M, pick par up, 4 more thrusters – elation at having finished as so on and so on.

They put a time cap of 14 mins on this workout. I never thought I would finish, but heading into the round of 2 rope climbs and 6 thrusters, I was at 12:30. So I hauled *ss and finished at 13:47.

IT FELT FANTASTIC! Until reality hit and I had to lie down on the ground, praying for oxygen to enter my body before death kicked in. Lying down was too painful, I had to sit up. At which point I started seeing stars and the world got very, very hot. It has been a long time since I’ve felt like puking after a WOD but this was a feeling that I remembered well.

So I sat there, accepting the high fives and fist pumps, trying to look dignified. I couldn’t throw up in a foreign country. I am a veteran crossfitter – out of practice but still a veteran – my dignity, my reputation hung in the balance.

I slowly pulled myself to my feet, hating everyone, and tried to inconspicuously edge my way to the bathroom where I could pull my sh*t together in private. I splashed water on my face – inhale, exhale – inhale, exhale – and the world begin to come back into focus and the urge to review yesterday’s dinner passed.

I put my game face on and walked back into the gym. And as always happens after the pain fades, I was really happy we did the workout, I was really happy that I finished and I was so so very happy that I didn’t need to do it again.

G & I stumbled back to our hotel and took our aching quads to the swim up bar for some therapeutic Margaritas.

Crossfit Circus is a nice gym, plenty of room. Luis, the coach, was quite nice and gave some good pointers on the squats. If you are in Playa del Carmen and looking to get your CF on, this is a good gym. Check it out.

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