Whole30 Results – Could be better, could be worse….

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a hard time losing weight – seriously it’s like the annoying drunk guy at a party that has decided to tell you all about his latest divorce and what he’s looking for in a woman – it is that hard to get rid of. That’s why today’s less than overwhelming weigh-in didn’t surprise me that much. In 30 days I lost 0.5 kg (approx 1 pound). This is a bit less than the 1.5 kg I was hoping for. So I spent about 2 mins sighing and bemoaning my fate to be forever slightly overweight. Then I started to realize what this actually meant!

1) I had eaten almost 2 servings of fruit a day after having not had fruit in 6 months – and my weight went down.
2) I had eaten well and never felt deprived (except of wine) and my weight went down.

Not a lot but it went down…and more importantly – it didn’t go up. I had been eating really strict Paleo since November and Atkins for 6 months before that. It is great to know that I can add some fruit back into my way of eating without it having a negative effect on the progress I have been making (down 13.5 kg since April last year). This is awesome news as I think the extra carbs really help in the gym.

Talking about the gym, in April I increased the number of times that I went to Crossfit from 4x to 5x hoping that this would make a difference. AND IT DID!! Not on the scale but check this out!! At the bottom of this post are the measurements from the last time I weighed 83kg (Jan 2013) – exactly what I weighed in at today – compared to my measurement from today. The difference is really telling – overall 4.3 inches lost including from my thighs. I don’t like to call my thighs a problem area because I think they can hear me and plot revenge. They’re vicious I’m telling you. You should see what they do to skinny jeans…it’s not pretty.

So there may be something to this ” don’t trust the scale” business. My scale looks shifty anyway… not to be trusted…

So that brings us to the ” What now?” question. I’ve done the Whole30, it’s had some positive results but not fantastic.  So I take what I learned and I keep working with it – after a giant glass of beautiful, beautiful red wine (ahhhh manna from heaven!).  I’m definitely going to keep some of the fruit. In fact, I think I will keep eating the way that I have this month + plus social drinking  – because let’s face it, I am a more interesting person at parties after a few glasses of the good stuff.

I am thinking of introducing some running back into my workout programming – which will be the topic of a future post as I absolutely hate running. With a passion. Hard to argue that it works though..I lost the first 8 kg running 3x a week.

Now, I realize that this post was a little weight focused and I don’t want you to get the impression that all I care about is losing weight…I don’t..well I do, but that’s not all I care about. My number one priority is that I want to perform better at Crossfit and the extra weight makes it more challenging. My second priority is to look adorable in all the cute summer dresses I keep buying due to a rather shocking addiction to online shopping.


Measurements table (in cm – total inches below) – Sorry for the messy table – I’m still learning!!
(before    today     Difference)
Chest                             103         101            -2
Under Chest:               88            87             -1
Waist high:                   84          83.5          -0.5
Paunch:                         98          96               -2
Right Thigh:             63.5         62.5            -1
Left Thigh:                63.5         62.5            -1
R Knee:                          42          40.5         -1.5
Left knee                       42           41               -1
Right Calf:                   37.5         37           – 0.5
Left Calf:                      37.5         37            -0.5

Weight(kg):                    83          83                0
LBs:                             182.932  182.932       0

Total Cm                                                            -11
Total inches                                                      -4.33

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