Would you buy your child a Crossfit Barbie?

Yesterday, after finishing the metcon (CINDY in teams – blech! push-ups), we were sitting around chatting after Crossfit. Well, I was supposedly working on my pull-ups but chatting was more fun.  Our coach has a 3 year old daughter and someone asked him what she wanted for Christmas.  His response was “a fish Barbie” which is man-speak for Mermaid Barbie. We joked around that he should get her a Crossfit Barbie – so that she could learn “Thigh Love” early in life :).

We were just joking around but it got me thinking. I wonder if there really is a Crossfit Barbie doll? The answer is “not officially”.  As far as I could tell there are no Crossfit Barbie dolls for sale yet, but some people around the internet have made their own.  Some of them bordered a bit on ridiculous – a regular sized Barbie doll with what could only be described as gorilla arms. It looked like they just glued on Ken doll arms, but I’m not a doll expert.

Then there is this one, where the measurements were actually taken off a real person and then the doll was created using a 3D printer, I think. (As a sidenote: How do 3D printers work anyway?? baffling). Here’s what it looks like next to regular Barbie:

Crossfit barbie2Crossfit barbie

You will note the distinctive “Crossfit bum” that the Crossfit Barbie is showing (she’s the one on the right, just in case).

I really like this doll. It seems realistic, attainable and still cute as a button! This is a doll that I would buy my future-if-I-have-any child. Because let’s face it, kids are going to play with dolls. It would be great if we could give them realistic ones!

What about you? Which Barbie would you buy for your (current/future/imaginary) child?

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